Day: October 1, 2014

Favorite 2014 Summer K-Pop Releases

Favorite 2014 Summer K-Pop Releases

This post is different from my other posts (no duh) but I felt like writing something about music. Summer of 2014 was a pretty good time for music releases and a lot of great songs came out.

K-Pop is completely different from American pop music. There are less expletives and sexual lyrics due to the nature of South Korea. It’s a conservative country and as a result, sometimes, the things that we wouldn’t think to be too explicit, are marked as 19+. Idol groups are extremely popular and the groups can have anywhere from two members to fifteen, or even more than that. Also, groups often have a certain “theme” of music that is their niche. Some specialize in gritty rap, others in the super peppy bubblegum pop, but sometimes they’ll come out with tracks that are the complete obvious to showcase that they are capable of releasing that type of music. K-Pop is a colorful genre, with music videos that seem like they might give you seizures. It’s also a genre that will make you have feels because sometimes the music videos have cute plots. However, my favorite part of the genre is the dances that many bands develop to accompany their songs and the eye-candy isn’t too bad either πŸ˜‰

I’m going to be honest. The eye-candy is fantastic.

Things that I will warn you about beforehand.

These songs will have an abundance of Engrish. In other words, sometimes their English pronunciation is awful. If you look past it, you will be able to laugh about it and appreciate the other parts of the song.

The men might look really girly to you. They will look girly to you. That does not immediately mean that they are gay. A lot of people hate on K-Pop because they say that the guys are all “gay”. I wonder, why it is a bad thing to them if they do turn out to be gay? There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual.

Besides, it’s just music. Does it matter what the singer’s sexuality is?

Boys. K-Pop is not a genre strictly targeted towards the female demographic. There’s a lot of different options and types of K-Pop music within the genre. Please don’t assume that it’s all going to be some bubblegum pop because it’s not.

For anybody who isn’t really a fan of K-Pop (aka like all of the people following this blog), feel free to skip this, but if you’re interested to see what the heck I’m talking about, go ahead and read on.

These songs were all released between June and the end of August. I linked both the music videos and the translated lyrics.

1. LC9 – East of Eden

I am so grateful that my friend sent my this song and I fell in love with it and it’s one of the most frequently selected songs on my iPod now. I adore this song and it’s one of my absolute favorite summer releases. LC9 wrote this songΒ  after one of their members, Eden, left the band to return to Canada.

(Yes, they helped write this song. I know, it’s amazing. Idol groups rarely write their own songs)

It’s obviously dedicated to him and I just love this band as a whole. Too bad they’re extremely underrated.


2. Jung Joon Young – Teenager

I am obsessed with this song and this singer. He’s not really K-Pop, but he’s a Korean rock singer I’m currently loving a lot.


3. HISTORY – Desire

Desire was HISTORY’s comeback album but the song that I was really obsessed with was “Psycho”. Yes, it’s really weird. Okay, scratch that, it’s just downright stalkerish odd but I love it. HISTORY has a lot of quirky, retro-themed songs. “Psycho” also has a really creepy music video. I love it anyways. HISTORY is also one of those really underrated bands that really deserves to become popular.


4. WINNER – 2014 S/S

WINNER has gone through a lot of struggles to debut. They were first put through a huge competition where they competed against another team to debut. They were the winners (Hence the name “WINNER”. It’s terrible if you ask me), and people kept nagging YG (their company) to debut them. They finally came out in early August with their album and it was an incredibly good release. The entire album was great, complete with four music videos. Two for songs off the album and two for solos on the album. It’s a really strong debut and I’m expecting a lot from their future comebacks. These two tracks are slow, but their album contains faster songs.

Lyrics: (Color Ring)/ (Empty)

5. Davichi – It’s Okay, That’s Love

If you like ballads, Davichi is a great group to start with. They have beautiful voices and sing beautiful ballads. Their most recent song, “It’s Okay, That’s Love” was made for a drama of the same name. I haven’t watched the drama, but the entire OST for it was really good.


Recommended for: Fans of ballads and strong female voices (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houstonish but with a lot less belting)

6. Ulala Session ft. IU – Summer Love

This song is so summery. It’s the type of fun, poppy, upbeat song you play when you just want to have some fun. I love IU’s voice and the song itself is really, really addictive.

(Plus the album cover is of a Popsicle. Instant awesomeness)

Lyrics:μ• νƒ€λŠ”-마음/

7. SISTAR – Touch My Body

In this case, this was my favorite song off of the album. Yes, it’s really awkward singing along to this in public (Touch mah bodayyyy!) but it’s a really fun, summery song that I instantly fell in love with when I heard it. It’s super catchy and guaranteed to get stuck in your head.


8. BLOCK B – H.E.R

Literally one of my favorite bands ever. They have a hip-hop sound with rap, but K-Pop rap is completely different from American rap. For one, they combine both rapping and singing and it’s not just put to a beat. They rap to an instrumental track (which, to be quite honest, is almost never just musical instruments). “H.E.R” isn’t as rough than some of their other music so if rap isn’t really your thing, you could probably try this track out.

(Plus the music video is really cute)


9. Mamamoo – Mr. Ambiguous

This girl group debuted this year and I’m really happy they did. Mr. Ambiguous is a lot different than a lot of K-Pop. It has a more retro feel and is easy on the ears. They have a really strange name but I love it when they croon it at the beginning of their songs.

(Yes they say “mamamoo” in their songs a lot. It’s fun to sing along with.)


10. BEAST – Good Luck

And I shall end this list with a common favorite. BEAST is one of the most popular boybands in Korea. This summer, they came out with “Good Luck” which is super catchy and has a really cool dance (that I want to learn). Cue me singing the chorus and badly awkwardly mimicking the hand motions of the dance.


Honorable Mention: SPICA – Tonight

Okay this song wasn’t released this summer but I found it this summer. It counts right? I love this song and the music video makes me want to do a color run.

(And their clothes! So bohemian looking!)