Book Meme Idea?

Book Meme Idea?

I figured that if I’m going to continue to do this book blogging thing, I should make my own book meme that sets me apart from the rest of the bloggers. I’m currently bouncing around ideas. I want something that’s going to be fun but I also want something that has substance. I don’t want to make an idea that’s flimsy or something that I can’t really talk about. There are a lot of different book memes out (Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post, Top Ten Tuesdays, etc) and I’m not sure if my idea has been done before, but I figured that I’d make a post about this because this came to me while I was thinking of posts to write for my English project.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Has a nice ring to it right?

Obviously, this isn’t a new concept at all (what with the bajillion memes and posts about it) and I’m really surprised I haven’t seen it done on other blogs. How many times, as readers, have we expected a book to be fantastic, only to have it flop? For me, far too many times to even begin to count.

So I have thought

up this little feature, which I think will be tons of fun (lots t-charts, lists, gifs, and me ranting). I will be comparing what my initial expectations of the book to what the book actually had or maybe what unreasonable expectations the book ends up giving me compared to real life. Just stuff like that

Guys I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to read a book in a bath. Now that I’m older, I wouldn’t even try to bring my babies anywhere near water (not even the pool) so taking a bubble bath and reading a book is out of the question. 😦

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