The Monstrumologist – Book Trailer

The Monstrumologist

The Book Trailer

I don’t usually like watching book trailers. I find them really cheesy and sometimes they discourage me from wanting to read a book. They aren’t as well made as movie trailers (for obvious reason) and they don’t usually tell me anything about the plot of a book. Sometimes, I’ve found that what I think the book is about (from watching a trailer) is completely different from the book trailer.

I watched the book trailer of The Monstrumologist and found that it was misleading. It’s pitched as a horrific novel when in reality, it’s anything but scary. The doctor and Will Henry are assumed to be creepy but they are completely different.

While the doodles of the anatomy and surgical tools are relevant, I felt like it didn’t really make me feel compelled to read the book. I liked it, but it came off as cheesy. Actually, the entire trailer just came off as cheesy which is extremely disappointing. It’s a good thing that I’ve already read the book because I think that the trailer might have turned me off of reading it.


More blood. Preferably blood that doesn’t look like red paint. More real-action shots. Preferably not blurry. The funny doctor would have made me want to read the book even more. It doesn’t necessarily have to be high budget but at the very least it could have been less cheesy. The trailer also makes Dr. Warthrop sound like he’s going to come onto the scene with a gas mask and a machete to kill all the monsters when it’s actually just a title. But I suppose, they wanted to make the book appear more frightening so that people would be more interested in reading.

I vote that all book trailers have just as much production value as the books themselves. And that they should be run on TV to increase the amount of readers!

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