Top Ten Books for Readers that Like Character-Driven Novels

Top Ten Books for Readers that Like

Character-Driven Novels

Yes I know I’m late (It’s more like Top Four Friday at this point)

And yes I know this post looks pitiful (I don’t even have 10 books. There’s like 4.)

This one was one of the hardest posts, to date, that I’ve ever tried writing. I literally just sit at the computer trying to think of books that relate to this and draw a blank.

And then when I was finally going to post, it messed up and wordpress didn’t save it 😦 When I rewrote it, everything just sounded way worse than the first draft.

I’m not going to lie. This list is going to suck. I haven’t read nearly enough YA books to be able to have a good list of books that have fantastic characters but I’ll try.

1. Beauty Queens – Libba Bray

I don’t know if this is what they meant by “Character-Driven” because if there’s one thing that was memorable about this book, it was the satirical personality of the characters. They were extremely memorable and were probably THE REASON that I remember this book so clearly. They each had their own distinct personalities.

2. I Hunt Killers – Barry Lyga

I love love love this series. Jasper is characterized really really well. The book centers on him and how he wants to catch serial killers to prove that he isn’t going to become one like his father. It’s a really interesting book about being inside the mind of a serial killer. It’s a cool read. His personality is very complex because of the confusion and self-doubt he faces. Go read it now.

3. This Side of Salvation – Jeri Smith-Ready

This books was one of my absolute favorite releases of 2014. The main character is a boy that lives in a family where his parents have gone extremely religious and more specifically, have become obsessed with the Rush. One night, they return home to find that their parents have disappeared, leaving their clothes behind. The Rapture. The characters and relationship were what shone in this book. Their willpower and teamwork was what propelled the plot of this book forward to bring together a truly amazing read.

4. The Candymakers – Wendy Mass

If you haven’t read my other posts where I mention Mass, I will go ahead and say it again. I have a self-proclaimed love for Wendy Mass’ books. She’s one of the most fabulous authors that I’ve ever read. The Candymakers was an amazing book with fantastic characters that I absolutely adored. I’m not sure if it qualifies as being “character-driven” but I adored this book and the characters in it. Plus, there’s a sequel coming out sometime in the future and I cannot wait until it does.


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