Day: October 12, 2014

Cover Comparisons: Torn Away Vs. Panic

Cover Comparisons

Torn Away vs. Panic

This post is like so late it’s not even funny. I read these two books like two weeks ago and I haven’t even written this until today.

Anyways, while I was reading Torn Away and Panic, I noticed that they had similar covers. Both have a girl’s side profile with her hair blown all over her face. The positions are almost identical on the covers.

(And they both have pointy, upturned noses. When I look at Torn Away the first thing that I see is the model’s nose.)

torn away vs. panic coversThe only really big differences are the hair colors and overall coloring of the book.

What inspired me to write this post was my opinion on the cover of Panic. When I finished the book, I was of the opinion that this particular cover is terrible for this book.

For people that don’t know what Panic is about, I shall tell you in a nutshell.

A girl named Heather recklessly enters herself into “Panic”, a game where people compete in possibly life-threatening challenges to win a large sum of money.

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The book itself has an amazing concept but some readers might take one look at it and think that it’s about a girl who suffers from panic attacks or something. It suggests anything but what the actual plot is. Just because Heather’s hair blew around in the wind when she was doing the challenges, does not mean that it’s fitting for the cover. It might look dramatic, but I feel unsatisfied with it. Maybe they were going for a mysterious look?

(I do like how Lauren Oliver’s name was written in lime green though. Great contrast.)

On the other hand, I think this cover idea fits Torn Away better.

In a nutshell….

Jersey Campbell’s hometown is struck by a tornado, causing her to lose everything. Grieving, she’s sent to live with relatives. But in the wreckage of a storm, is it possible to retrieve the things that can’t be destroyed?

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I admit that at first, I was hesitant to start this book due to the cover and general premise. I didn’t think that I would be interested in reading a book like that. Obviously I was wrong because I read it and loved it. Finishing it, I can safely say that this cover is actually, in my opinion, really good for this book.

The tornado was what caused Jersey’s life to be turned upside down. Instead of having a black background, they have grey clouds, hinting at what the book is about. The cover depicts the sorrow that Jersey feels during the storm extremely well.

My vote is for Torn Away, but which book do you think has a better fitting cover?