Day: October 28, 2014

Top Ten Books/Movies I Want To Watch To Get Into The Halloween Spirit

Top Ten Books/Movies I Want To Watch To Get

Into the Halloween Spirit

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I’m a total wimp when it comes to horror movies.

I was scared of Coraline in 4th grade. The Conjuring, which honestly was not that scary, freaked me out so much. I can’t do jump scares. I can’t do creepy as eff faces. I hide even when I know there is a jump scare. But  I suppose, to “get into the Halloween spirit” I’ll have to list some of them.

Truth be told, I was never really a huge fan of Halloween anyways.

My thanks to my friend who gave me a list of some good horror movies.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas

This was her first suggestion and I actually do want to watch this. Our conversation went as follows:

Her: “You have to watch Nightmare Before Christmas!

Me: “Isn’t that a Christmas movie?”

Her: “You loser, it’s not just a Christmas movie! They literally have that “This is Halloween” song in the beginning.”

Me: “Okay then”.

So this is on here because apparently it’s a Halloween movie and I actually do want to watch it. *shrugs*

2. Halloweentown

Don’t judge me. I used to watch all of the Disney Channel Halloween movie specials back when I had cable. I’d love to watch this movie now just to figure out if it’s as good as I remember it being. Gotta love the witches right?

(And it’s one the only things on this list that isn’t remotely scary)

3. Vampire Academy

The book, not the movie. It has vampires and paranormal figures are associated with Halloween amiright? I’m 100 pages into this book and I can say that it’s definitely not what I expected from it. I’m not really sure if it’ll “get me into the Halloween spirit” but I guess it should qualify.

4. Blood of My Blood

It be the third I Hunt Killers book. I got it from the library this weekend. It has serial killers and blood and should qualify as a gruesome if not scary read. And I really want to read it.

5. Any and all Neil Gaiman books

I love Neil Gaiman’s books. Coraline was amazing and The Graveyard Book was even better. His books are always sort of creepy in some way and definitely good for Halloween. I’d be okay with rereading his old books or any other ones.

My Friend’s Lovely Suggestions (AKA stuff that’s going to seriously scare me)

6. The Silence of the Lambs

I kind of don’t want to ever see this but I have a feeling I’ll be forced to watch it in it’s entirety at least once before I’m out of highschool. Cannibals are ew and a horror movie like this one will likely give me nightmares about Hannibal Lector crawling through my window to eat me.

7. Black Swan

This one I am okay with because I actually do like ballet and dancing (If you haven’t noticed by the name of my blog). I think I’ve seen tidbits of it too. And I think this one probably isn’t as scary as the other ones. I hope not.

8. Stephen King books

I have never read a King novel although it is on my reading bucket list. My friend suggested The Tommyknockers, but after reading the synopsis I was kind of turned off by it. I’m not too big of a sci-fi fan. Maybe I’ll read one of his more popular novels like It or The Shining.

(I’ll probably get nightmares from reading his books)

I’m going to count the King and Gaiman one as two each because technically, they both encompass a large number of books.

Any suggestions for Halloween-themed novels or movies?