Life of a Blogger: 10 Things I’ll Never Do

I was debating on whether or not to begin doing this post because it’s more about me, the blogger, rather than just books but I enjoy blogging about life. And me. So yes, I decided to begin to participate in this weekly feature.

It’s an interesting feature where every week, bloggers are given a topic to write about. This way, readers can learn more about the personality behind the blog. It’s hosted by Novel Heartbeat weekly.


I’m actually a pretty bold person. I don’t really care if I look like a complete idiot as long as it isn’t in front of somebody that I’m trying to impress. (Which by the way, is almost never. Sometimes it results in me looking like an idiot in front of teachers)

Obviously I’m never going to do some really stupid stuff. Like doing drugs. Or becoming an alcoholic. But somehow, I doubt that this is what the feature is supposed to be about.

So thinking of this stuff might be kind of difficult.

And might result in some seriously dumb stuff.

1. Plastic Surgery

This kind of falls under stuff that I find stupid, but I know that a lot of people use plastic surgery as a kind of healing after injuries. Er that didn’t really make sense but I mean that some people might use it to help reform injured body parts. However, the type of plastic surgery I’m referring to is intentional body modification because of low self-esteem.

Yeah I have small eyes. But I’m not going to get double-eyelid surgery just because of it.

2. Open my own clothing company

I can’t sew. I literally can’t do anything related to string. I love clothes. I love fashion. But if I try to make anything, the end result is so horrendous I kind of want to burn it.

Lovely attempts at knitting have resulted in lumpy scarves (that are not of a constant width).

I tried making friendship bracelets once. Instead I “cursed” these other people from making good ones because I didn’t want to give bad instructions. XD My friendship bracelets are the epitome of ugly-as-f*ck.

I tried to sew a dress thing for a costume project. I cut it too short. The stitches were visible. It was so ugly.

And no, I am NOT attaching pictures.

3. Join a clique

Some of my friends might find this completely untrue, but I identify myself as an introvert. I will never ever join a clique or a friend group with 5+ people. I feel uncomfortable and in all seriousness, how are you ever supposed to develop a feeling of trust with all of them? Half the time you get talked over. Plus, for me, maintaining good relationships with all of them would make me so tired.

4. Date somebody who doesn’t know what they want

After a complete fail of an attempt at “dating” in 7th grade (which, by the way, I don’t even count as dating. I just describe it as such for lack of better term), I have realized that dating when you have no clue what you want is stupid. Well it’s not even that. Dating when you don’t even know what dating is, is stupid.

Dating is not just sitting together at lunch or texting.

Dating is more than that. I don’t know when people started to develop the delusion that sitting together at lunch is “dating”.

Dating when you don’t even like your “significant other” is also dumb.

I’m sorry if I’m offending anybody. It’s just that I find it kind of ridiculous that so many people “date” when they can’t even go somewhere alone with another person.

So yeah, if I’m going to date somebody, I have to 1) know that I like them 2) know that they are willing to commit and 3) not have to deal with some bs on/off relationship drama.

5. Wear peplum

I hate peplum anything with a burning fiery passion.

And if you don’t know what it is…….

It’s not even the shirt. It was just seeing girls parade around in peplum everything back when the trend was really popular. I especially hate the peplum dresses and the shirts that have the bottom stick out at a ninety-degree angle.

6. Fold the page of a book or keep my place by placing it upside down.

I hate doing this. I hate it so much. I always feel like when I do this, I’m like ripping a piece of the book’s soul out. I have to use a bookmark. I can’t just dog-ear a book and be on with my life. I can’t just flip it over. The spine cries out to me. I blame Inkheart.

7. Betray a friend

Friends are life. I won’t betray them because betraying friends is mean and not nice.

8. Become an astronomer

I hate astronomy with a burning, fiery passion. In 6th grade, we did a year-long project on the Moon and it’s phases. We had to keep a moon journal. I hated the moon journal because it was always overcast at night. I also would always fall asleep during that IMAX Hubble movie that we always had to watch at every single school excursion to space museums and such.

9. Not breathe

I’m getting desperate and my friends suggested this one

10. Be in two places at once

Again, very very desperate. But yeah I doubt I’ll ever be in two places at one time.


  1. lol — I had to sew a dress once — my school had home ec — and I stupidly chose a design with patch pockets on the front and I couldn’t get them to line up with each other. Even more stupidly, I chose contrasting fabric for the pockets so the crookedness was all the more obvious. Years later, I still can picture that poor sad dress in my mind…
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics


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