Day: December 4, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Where I Live

Let’s just say I live in the contiguous USA. I live in the east.

I shall give you some clues. Some of them are dead giveaways.

– The state I live in was a border state during the Civil War.

– People from my state are stereotypically believed to be country hicks who don’t wear shoes.

– We have horses.

– We have grass.

– Errr coal is a main export?

– The state I live in is the only state in the USA that allows people into their legislative building.

– Cumberland!

– My state has the longest underground cave in the world.

– Abraham Lincoln

– Henry Clay

If you haven’t guessed it by now……

I live in Kentucky. It has pretty mild weather and oh my dear lord it’s so small. But technically, the city I live in isn’t even counted as small. It’s actually one of the more urbanized cities.

But you know that your city is behind when you go out of state for a competition and don’t recognize half of the music they play. Why? Because it hasn’t hit Kentucky.

Apparently, people don’t even know the Cotton-eyed Joe dance. According to some people, it’s because they play it for the kids that live in rural areas XD

The weather here is insane. In the morning, it’ll be hot but then at the night it’ll be really freaking cold. Or it’ll be snowing one day and sunny the next. The weather needs to make up it’s mind.

We got our first H&M and Urban Outfitters this year. Those are like staple stores for big cities and we JUST got them. Now, the last thing I want here is an Ikea.

Well onto my house… I guess.

I’m not inserting a picture of my house. No. I am paranoid about internet stalkers and I do not fancy being kidnapped by dangerous people.

My house is… pretty big? It has two stories, not including a basement, and a pretty large backyard. It’s made of….. uh.. bricks? And wood? And other construction materials?

(Guess who’s not becoming a construction worker? *raises hand*)

We had a garden in our backyard but I’m pretty sure my parents are going to get rid of it next season. Nobody ever manages it after seeds are planted.

Notable fact: My room has light purple walls. Like yes. I’ve always loved them.

My room has a really weird shape. If i could pick a shape for it, I’d say a heptagon. Because I literally have seven walls because the room is so oddly shaped. It’s pretty annoying when I want to stick a laundry hamper behind the door or something because I just can’t. I don’t have room for it to fit un-awkwardly.

I love it anyways.