Blog Update [2]

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been posting very many reviews lately. I have been reading a lot but I haven’t had time to review them. I have a couple half-written but they aren’t my best work.

So here’s what my plan is.

I will pick a few of the books and write full length reviews. For the rest, I will write a big post with mini-reviews. I’m 8 books behind on reviewing so I’m thinking I’ll do a ratio of 4-4 or 5-3. For the books that have half-written reviews, I will try to finish and improve them.

I posted my reviews of The Pandora Chronicles: Book 1 and The 5th Wave last Friday.

It depends on what I have time to write. And it’ll be quite difficult for me because the end of the semester is close and finals are going to kill me. I’ll try my best though!

Also, my birthday recently passed, so I will also make a post about the bookish and non-bookish things I received. It will also include a Stacking the Shelves tag and the items I received from my Secret Santa! I received my package a few days ago and I feel so thankful for what she gave me.

I’ll also be making a post about the gift I’m sending to my person/victim/receiver/idk. While I won’t be showing the gifts I got, I will talk about the process of shopping and such. I have yet to mail my package but I will. I swear it’s not because I’ve forgotten. It’s just that life has been a little hectic recently.

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