TBTB Secret Santa: Almost Ready to Mail


This has been a really fun experience in my opinion! I’m definitely going to try to participate next year and maybe then, I’ll have enough YA knowledge to make book recommendations and even better gifts.

This time around, I feel like I played it too safe and got gifts that felt a little generic. But maybe I’m okay? I’m not too sure.

I found that a lot of things my parents brought back from Asia were great gifts for a bookish Secret Santa. But I’m afraid that it might look like I immigrated here from there, when in reality, I’ve lived in Kentucky for nearly my whole life.

Some Things that I’ve Learned

1. Don’t order Secret Santa books off of the internet. Always buy them in the store because then you can guarantee that the book won’t be damaged.

2. I suck at wrapping presents with tissue paper. I always use too much tape.

3. Always use the shiny tape. The matte tape looks awful on wrapping paper.

3. Cylindrical objects are a b*tch to wrap.

4. Always write small notes about the gift BEFORE you wrap. Then it doesn’t look ratchet when you try to tape them onto the package.

5. My mother does not understand unique obsessions while I think that there is nothing wrong with them.

6. It’s really hard trying to wrap things on a bed.

7. A small box can fit a lot of stuff

8. My new phone has an awful focus on it’s camera

I’m nearly done with everything and I’m sending it off tomorrow!

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