Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2014


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday, participating book bloggers blog about their top ten lists.

Okay now I slightly regret being so critical because I haven’t actually read too many authors that I really liked. Therefore, this list is just going to be any author whose book I enjoyed.

In other words, I rated their novel 4 or 5 stars.

1. Melina Marchetta

I love this author a lot. I think I’ve mentioned her 13245678976543 times on here.

My review of On the Jellicoe Road

2. Laurie Halse Anderson

I read my first YA Anderson book this year (I think it was Wintergirls and Fever 1763 does not count because I didn’t even know that she wrote it). I’ve read two of her books (review for The Impossible Knife of Memory will be up sometime soon).

My review of Wintergirls

3. Stephanie Kuehn

I read Complicit, fell in love and now I am a huge fan. Will definitely try to read her other novels.

My review of Complicit

4. Ellen Hopkins

I read my first Hopkins in it’s entirety this year (Rumble), which I enjoyed quite a bit (*coughs it made me cry cough*) and I’ve heard it’s not even the best one so I’m definitely going to get around to reading her other novels.

My review of Rumble

5. Jennifer Brown

I read Torn Away, which made me cry. I was bawling and if a book can bring me to tears, there has been clear characterization and great suspense. I will probably go and pick up Hate List next.

My review of Torn Away

6. Jennifer L. Armentrout

Super hyped in the YA community and I was not disappointed by my first book (Which by the way was Don’t Look). I’m hoping to read her other novels soon (namely Lux).

My review of Don’t Look Back

7. Rick Yancey

I’ve read two novels by Yancey, The Monstrumologist and The 5th Wave. I’d say that The Monstrumologist was a very fun read although Henry was…. not the most amusing narrator. On the other hand, The 5th Wave lived up to it’s hype, for the most part. I still need to pick up the sequels to these books.

My reviews of The Monstrumologist and The 5th Wave

And that’s all for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!  Super short and truth be told, some of these authors honestly didn’t blow me away either. Almost all of the authors I’ve read were new to me because I have only recently begun reading YA.


  1. I’ve seen Jellicoe Road everywhere and I always pick it up and carry it around, but never actually buy it. I definitely want to now though. Thanks!


  2. I don’t think I’ve read any of these authors, though I do read YA. Finding new to me ones was difficult, though–I have so many books I want to read, I tend to try to catch up on the books in a couple series before I branch out.


  3. I have the problem of trying to pick whether I should finish series or reading another book too. But I’m the opposite and usually end up reading other novels before I get to the sequels.


  4. I just read my first Stephanie Keuhn book too! Although I read Charm & Strange and now I’m so desperate for Complicit! x) Her style is amazing and just a little terrifying. I also love Melina Marchetta, although I first read her a few years back. 😉 Finnikin of the Rock is probably one of my top-favourite fantasies!
    Here’s my TTT!


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