Day: December 24, 2014

[Mini-Reviews] 100 Sideways Miles, To Kill a Mockingbird, and More

Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins

Wow okay Southern belle narrator.

Side note: Every time I was reading this, my brother would say, “Are you reading Rebel Bell-y?” And I’d reply, “It’s Rebel BELL. BELL. Get it right!” He’d then cackle and play Pokemon Omega Ruby.

I was, in short, kind of annoyed with this book.

The narrator is kind of dumb (in actions) and very selfish. I can understand why she would not want to help but it still annoyed me.

She is in multiple clubs and leadership positions, but her decisions…. are not the best. Her personality really grated on me and all of her actions even more so.

I didn’t really like how there was a love triangle. It’s really obvious who Harper is going to end up with and oh my dear lord she’s so dense. It’s pretty obvious to anybody that if some guy has been non-stop annoying you since day 1, that there is a good chance that he likes you. I found it so annoying that Harper would think to drag her boyfriend, Ryan, through all of this, especially since she feels guilty about it. Like seriously! Just break it off already!

On the other hand, I really shipped her with David. The playful banter and everything was perf.

The history of the mythology was well explained although it did feel info-dumpy at times. Overall it wasn’t too bad.

3/5 Stars

100 Sideways Miles – Andrew Smith

To be honest, I don’t really remember much from this novel, but I do remember wondering what the heck the purpose of the novel was. I mean, nothing much happens and there really isn’t much of a central conflict.

The protagonist, Finn, is certainly unique. He’s different from any other character I’ve read about, as of now. He was hit by a falling horse. I particularly liked how his father modeled his book character’s off of Finn’s scar. Super cool and I loved how Cade gives them different descriptions and names (even though 75% of the time, they don’t make any sense). He measures time in distance, which was cool.

The best part of this book were the characters but it was not enough to account for the lack of plot. I read on and on and by the end, I felt like I had missed something.

2.5/3 Stars

Beastly – Alex Flinn

Highly highly disappointing. I will never, ever pick up another Alex Flinn novel.

First off. Nothing can convince me that the narrator was a male. He was the most unbelievable teenage male protagonist I have ever read. The dramatic way he changes his name from Kyle to Adrian was asinine and proved to fail at progressing the plot. On top of this, he was really really annoying. I kind of really hated him.

There were a few redeeming characters. Most notably, his blind tutor, Will and his heartwarming Hispanic maid.

1.5/5 Stars

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

I was really really looking forward to reading this one and I’m happy that I finally got around to it even if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would have.

The setting is beautifully drawn and I really want to go to a circus now. Everything related to setting and mood was exquisite.

The writing is amazing. Super smooth and really fits the story.

However, the plot dragged a lot. The book literally took me way longer to read simply because I could not get into it. I know some people that complained about the constant tangents into other subplots, but I thought that they were great because it helped make the reading process less of a chore. I also thought that it was really well planned. Everything intertwines beautifully to create a complex conflict. But it’s mind-numbingly slow.

I did find Celia and Marco (and the rest of the cast) a little bland. They felt superficial at times although I can distinctly remember that they were not. It might have just been because I could never really connect with them.

3.5/5 Stars

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

I really enjoyed this novel!

The messages and characters are all really well drawn. I loved Scout, Dill (I SHIP IT), and Jem so much and I can easily understand why so many females swoon over Atticus. The plot itself is amazing and never once did I feel like it dragged. Sometimes the writing bothered me, but most of the time, it wasn’t too bad. I can definitely understand why it’s a popular choice of book for English classes but I wish I had read it ahead of time. I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t read it for school.

4/5 Stars

The Name of the Star – Maureen Johnson

I read this for book club and it was never a priority book. While my fellow club members really liked it, I found that I could never get into it.

The narrator and most of the cast was very dull. I could never really connect to any of them.

I feel like for such a dramatic book, it should have had more suspense. Each event in the novel fell flat when it could have been so much more exciting. Even so, some parts were highly entertaining and THAT ENDING KILLED ME. I was in so much of a wreck after reading the last few pages and I wasn’t in a good place to groan about it either. I felt like screaming and ranting but unfortunately, I was at school waiting for my parents and everybody around me didn’t look like they wanted to be disturbed by a high-strung female highschooler moaning about her book. I’m pretty sure I know what happened at the end, but I’ll be reading the sequel JUST to find out if I’m right.

3/5 Stars