[Movie Review] Mockingjay Part 1

Although I’m not much of a Hunger Games fan, my dad had a few giftcards and free tickets, courtesy of work. We went to the movies on Christmas day and saw the matinee showing of Mockingjay Part 1. To be honest, I probably would have watched something different, like Big Hero 6 or Interstellar, but they weren’t playing them that day.

It was fun although I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have gotten a large popcorn. My brother and I were struggling to get through the whole tub, partly because it wasn’t very good popcorn. We sit down in the theater with one trailer to spare (It was the Insurgent trailer by the way) and the movie starts.

Now I don’t really have that many qualms with the Hunger Games franchise in general. I’ve already decided that in general, the movies are much better than the books (A rare thing in movie adaptations) and that even if everybody else loves JLaw,  I don’t.

I don’t really understand why it was split into two movies. The makers said that it was for “artistic” reasons and so they could make the movie more detailed. Obviously it was so they could squeeze more money out of the movie because Mockingjay Part 1 paled in comparison to the first two movies.

I think that in splitting up Mockingjay into two parts, the quality of the movie decreased a lot. They took an already-boring book and split it so that the movies were even worse.

I found the movie really slow. Painfully so. I don’t really understand at all why so much time was spent on the same things. Part 1 didn’t cover as much of the book as I thought it should have. It crawled along really slowly. We see more of Prim in the movie than we do in the book, which I guess is good because then watchers will care more for her death. I thought way too much time was spent on the creation of propaganda. I could honestly care less if Katniss’ emotions were awful on their first propaganda video. Much of it was sort of pointless.

I found that the acting in this movie was significantly worse than in the other movies. I thought Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was subpar and boring at best. I didn’t feel any type of emotion from her. Alas, her lack of facial expression reminded me of the common idea that Kristen Stewart has no expression. Her lines felt flatly delivered and dull. It was so obviously scripted. Now I get that all movies are scripted but the jobs of the actors is to make them appear natural of their characters. Maybe it was to showcase Katniss’ lack of personality in Mockingjay?

This expression was pretty much stuck on her face for the whole movie.

They did a good job on the rescue mission of the three tributes (Peeta, Joanna, and Annie). It was probably the only part of the movie that I really enjoyed. Peeta’s slow downfall was really well done. His breakdown on television was amazing and did well to slightly heighten the non-existent suspense in the movie. There wasn’t really much of a climax in the movie.

On the other hand, there was this one scene where Prim went back to get her cat, Buttercup. Katniss promptly yells at her, “Why did you go back to get the cat?!” I used this scene to teach my brother the basics of DON’T GO BACK TO GET STUFF IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO BE SAFE.

I’m positive that part 2 will be way better than part 1. There’s a lot more action that will help move it along.

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