Day: January 15, 2015

Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.

This Weeks Topic: Bad Habits

I feel like all of the forces in the world are coming together to make sure that my bad habits are revealed to everybody before January has ended.

Last week, you guys learned that I’m embarrassingly clumsy for someone who dances. I remember another post that pretty much highlights all of my bad habits and things that I want to change. I literally can keep no secrets XD I guess it’s part of being a blogger.

Some really bad habits I have…..

  • Not putting my laundry away the week I get it.
  • Not practicing piano or other music instruments
  • Taking a nap as soon as I get home, resulting in late night homework catch-up sessions.
  • Waiting to take a shower at 1 in the morning, resulting in me having to sleep on wet hair ( I HATE SLEEPING ON WET HAIR)
  • Sticking loose papers from class into textbooks. It results in really ugly, crumpled papers.
  • Hoarding books
  • Sleeping way too late
  • Sleeping in way too late
  • Procrastinating on homework (like I am right now)
  • Putting off test studying
  • Not using lotion for days at a time.
  • Reading instead of studying

Well those are just some of them. What bad habits do you have?