Final Words: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This is the last post of the 10 in this ongoing series about Gone Girl. I hope it wasn’t too annoying to all of you guys and I’m sorry if you were accidentally spoiled. But if you liked it, comment below and tell me what part of the project you enjoyed reading!

I’m glad that I picked Gone Girl as a a book for my book project. There was a lot of depth and great use of literary devices that were fun to analyze. I loved the writing and use of the unreliable narrator. And like I said before, it appealed to my love of crime novels.

I think that some of my favorite band’s songs matched up really well with some of the book’s themes, especially the ones relating to toxic love. Halestorm is one of my favorite bands of all time. The lead singer, Lzzy Hale, has a fantastic voice and the band has a really tough sound that I adore.

Their song, “Mz. Hyde” matches PERFECTLY with Amy’s personality.

Lyrics here:

First of all, I’d like to address that Amy was a highly unreliable narrator. We are initially given the idea that she is the fun-loving, naive wife. She’s optimistic and cheerful. She doesn’t push her husband and he doesn’t expect her to. Then the second half of the novel begins. Her personality is revealed to be so much scarier than she really is. Along with Nick, we learn that Amy is a scary psychopath that really doesn’t feel any remorse. She wants revenge and she wants it bad.

But this two-faced character isn’t what made me think that this song was good for her personality.

These lyrics fit fantastically with her personality:

I can be the bitch,
I can play the whore,
Or your fairytale princess who could ask for more.
A touch of wicked,
A pinch of risqué,
Good girl gone bad, my poison is your remedy

During the novel, Amy talks about how she always puts on personas. She can play the “cool girl”. She can be the loving, doting girl. She talks about how she would love to use the “tough, abused girl” persona during her hideaway. I can completely imagine Amy singing this song in warning to Nick. It’s literally the perfect song for her.

Okay I need to go back to wrapping this project up.

Gone Girl was a super fun book to read. I can see myself rereading it a few years from now (not any time soon because I just did an entire project on it). The movie was pretty good in comparison to the multitude of other book to adaptations that have flopped. The characters were great and the plot was interesting.

If you want to read the posts from this project, they’re all linked below with short recaps!

Before I started to read the book, I talked about what I expected from the book, hype, and things my friends told me.

When  I got about 42% into the book, I blogged about my first impressions and predictions.

When  I finished, I felt a little disappointed and gave an idea of what I felt about the end.

Then I reviewed the book.

Yay movies! I watched the movie adaption and reviewed it.

I noticed that there was a lot of irony used in the book, so I talked about the uses.

I talked a little bit about the difficulty and use of dual perspectives.

I analyzed and compared all the ugly relationships that Amy had.

And finally, although this book had a lot of themes, I talked about why I think feminism is NOT one of them.

That’s all! Hope you liked reading about Gone Girl!

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