Day: April 4, 2015

[Review] The Forty Watt Flowers – C.M. Subasic

The Forty Watt Flowers

Author: C.M. Subasic

Series: None

Publication Date: May 24th, 2014

Publisher: Winking Owl Publications

Number of Pages: 248

Genre: Adult Fiction

Source: Received for review

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“High-energy alt-rock fiction with a femme fatale twang.”

A comic novel as colorful and gritty as Georgia red clay, The Forty Watt Flowers gives you a moshpit view of the indie band world of Athens, GA. It is a story written in guitar riffs, sweat and hope.

All Trisha wants to do is create something meaningful. Since she’s living in the indie band capital of North America, she brings four other women together and The Forty Watt Flowers are formed. Unfortunately, making great music isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Rosemarie, on keyboards, has a libido as fierce as a hurricane. Aline, the singer, is a hermit, scratching out poems in her antebellum mansion. Juanita, on drums, has a poison tongue too quick on the draw. Toni, on guitar, made the mistake of heading South to come out of the closet.

More challenging than managing this crew of misfits, Trisha needs to undo the destruction of a family. If she reaches out to her parents after two years of radio silence, will they still blame her for the death of her sister?

From the jock atmosphere of the garage where they rehearse to the beer-soaked bars where they gig, these five young women struggle to find beauty in the mess of notes they try to play and the chaos of their lives.

In a world of quick quips, status updates and 140-character philosophy, this book offers a reminder that anything worth doing requires reflection. That artistry, the truths we all recognize, can only be found when we listen deeply to ourselves and those around us.

A playful and sparkling novel full of characters you’ll love to hate and hate to love, The Forty Watt Flowers explores the liberating powers of rock’n’roll in a notorious music town full of the charm of the New South. (more…)