Day: May 3, 2015

Time For Another Book Project!

It’s been a little under two months since my last book project was finished. It was overĀ Gone Girl and took up about a week to fully post. I hope it wasn’t too annoying for my readers because it’s time for another one! This one is due in it’s entirety by May 8th. So between now and that day, I’ll be pumping out posts about a specific book, one after another. I realize that this completely ends the “hiatus” I had going on (let’s be real, that hiatus is only a half hiatus) but I’m getting a grade for this and actually kind of enjoy writing these.

This time, the book I was reading a book was for the #ReadingMyLibrary event (which I’ve been so so bad with updating). If you’ve read my sign-up post, you could probably make a good guess on what I’m probably doing this project on.

And it is……….. *drumroll*

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater!

The posts are going to be in a slightly different format this time around. Since I’ve already finished the book, it’s going to be more of a series of various thoughts I have about it.

This post is kind of a introduction/warning for any followers. I apologize that all of the posts are going to be about one book and I’m really sorry that it’s going to be like spam. I just wanted to say thatĀ I will be discussing spoilers so read them at your own discretion.

Now overall I did not have very many expectations for this book. I was unimpressed by Stiefvater’s book Shiver and was on the fence about whether or not this book would be any better.

Kelly’s Thoughts About The Scorpio Races Prior to Reading

  1. “I hope I like this more than Shiver.”
  2. “I have no clue what this book is about.”
  3. “I like the cover. It’s maroon and that is my favorite color.”
  4. “I really hope I like this more than Shiver.”
  5. “Is there romance? I bet there’s romance.”
  6. “I wanted to borrow that Raven Cycle series instead but the library only had this. I guess this works too.”
  7. “Is this like the Kentucky Derby goes fantasy?”
  8. “Please, please, please be better than Shiver.”
  9. “I’ve had this book for a month now. I should probably start reading it.”
  10. “This looks like ancient cave drawings. Is this historical fiction?”

So yeah. I didn’t have very high expectations for the book, especially after I tried to read Stiefvater’s other book, Shiver. I didn’t really like the plot or mood of the book at the time. I heard that her other books were way better but having not read anything and knowing that I’m a picky reader….. well I wasn’t expecting much at all. I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to expect from the book. I went in completely blind. I didn’t know anything besides the fact that it was something horse-related.

I’m not going to talk about what I did end up thinking of the book (in this post at least), but if you haven’t read The Scorpio Races yet, what do you think of the book, basing it solely on the cover?