The Scorpio Races: Reading in Review

This won’t exactly be a complete review of the book but rather a collection of my thoughts and the process I took while reading it.First, I want to say that I adore the cover. It’s my favorite color (maroon/burgundy colors) and combined with the horse and rider silhouette, it looked absolutely beautiful. The gold lettering and font contrasted really well and made the cover look shiny and super appealing.

Some prior information regarding my history. In my intro post, I mentioned how I really didn’t like Shiver. I didn’t like the writing, the characters were odd, and the plot was really boring to me. It was one of those books that I kind of skimmed. After I joined the blogosphere, I noticed that a lot of people liked Stiefvater. I was astounded. I simply couldn’t comprehend how people liked Shiver. I guess I was being a little harsh because I wasn’t expecting too much from The Scorpio Races either. A chapter in and I knew that I was going to like this book significantly more than Shiver.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that I liked the waterhorse aspect of this book. Screw that I loved it. I’ve never been a horse girl (actually I was never much of an animal fan at all). So I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this book because of the fact that a lot of the plot was based off of horses. But overall, I didn’t have this problem.

It took me a while to get into this book. If you look at my Goodreads account, I’m pretty sure this book was on my “Currently Reading” shelf for more than a month. I brought it to piano class to read before my lesson one day (because my teacher never ever starts class on time) and I began to read it. I think I got about 20 pages into the book at that point. Then I left the book there by accident. One of my friends saw the book and immediately decided to check it out from the library (because she knew that I was the one who was reading it lol) because it looked interesting or something. She told me later that night over Skype.

Then there was the matter that I was carrying this book to all my weekend extracurriculars for weeks. It’s kinda awkward when the same people ask you what book you’re reading and it’s the same one for over a month.

At one point, I was a good way through the book. I was about halfway through… and then I just stopped reading the book. I didn’t hurry up and finish it. I think at this point, school had gotten in the way. I was still interested in finishing it but I wasn’t in a hurry to.

It wasn’t that the book was bad. I actually really enjoyed it. It’s just that it was slow and hard to get hooked. I kept wanting it to hurry up and get to the race because I felt like it should’ve taken more than just twenty pages of the novel. Most of the book was build-up rather than actual action.

The writing also took a little bit of time to grow on me. It felt unrealistic at first but that was probably since I had just finished something with a much more conversational voice. At times it was a little hard to distinguish between Puck and Sean, especially if I had picked up the book while I was in the middle of a chapter. However, most of the time, since they were in distinct locations and faced different events, it was pretty easy to tell them apart.

Now the last thirty pages… I finished that in one night. It was about 12:30 AM and I had crawled into bed (because screw normal sleep times haha). For some reason, my delusional self decided to read the last bit of the book. And I did. I finished it and went to sleep very very happy. At that point, the writing had begun to completely match up with the characters and events. Together, I found that some quotes and events were beautiful. I sped through those last few pages and honestly, enjoyed those way more than the rest of the book.


  1. I read Shiver when I was in middle school and thought it was great. That was also during the time when I read Twilight and liked it. I have to admit that if I had read it now, I probably would find it underdeveloped and not the best. I may reread it someday. Before reading The Scorpio Races, I really wanted to read The Raven Boys!


  2. After reading The Scorpio Races, I kind of want to reread Shiver to see if I was being too critical at the time. I heard that her world building wasn’t very good in it but I would need to reread it so eh. But I also want to read The Raven Boys so we’ll see which I end up reading first~

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  3. Heheheh glad to see that I am now part of your blog~

    I read the inside of the front cover and it looked interesting enough, plus I read a book about water horses/kelpies with a sea green cover (I don’t even remember what it was called, it was so long ago) and I really liked that one so….it just sort of….happened….

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    Lol that reminds me of the Magic Tree House series for some reason although I’m pretty sure it’s completely wrong.
    I mean it’s good that I am influencing my friends and that means we can fangirl and shtuff all the time *tosses books everywhere*


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