Final Thoughts: The Scorpio Races

So obviously this time my posts were much less…. varied I would say. I was especially proud of my posts for Gone Girl because I felt like I wrote some good posts. This time around… I don’t know. It went kind of quickly. I just blinked and five posts were finished. But I’d say that these are all way way better than the very first one I did on The Monstromologist. That one was a monstrosity (pun not intended).Overall I liked this book a lot. Clearly I liked it a lot more than Shiver and I definitely will be checking out more of Stiefvater’s books. Maybe I’ll even reread Shiver to see if I like it more this time around. Actually one of my friends (same one that is with the same piano teacher and mentioned in an earlier post) said the Raven Boys was okay and that she hated the second book. I’m a little scared but hey, The Scorpio Races was pretty good so I can say that I did gain something. It took my expectations and preconceptions about the novel and drop-kicked them off a cliff.

From now on, I’ll definitely be following Stiefvater in hopes that a sequel for this will come up. I know it’s a standalone for now…. but she said there is a slim possibility and I’m hoping that that small possibility ends up becoming true. However, I do stand my belief that this book had the perfect ending. Everything was tied up well with a conclusion that made a lot of sense.

I was so happy with this book and my borderline obsession with Corr and Sean (more like all of them) that I made a freaking paper horse and named it after Corr! Okay I didn’t make a horse myself to name Corr but I went to a competition/meeting event and there they had a bunch of different stations and one of them was a KY Derby station. And at this station, you could color in your horse and sew the legs on with buttons. the legs are supposed to be movable and I kind of messed up the way the back legs are supposed to move but…. it kind of goes with the end of the book? Actually I’ll shut up because that is really close to becoming a spoiler. I thought it was cute and since I love red, I colored my horse entirely red. I had also just finished The Scorpio Races so I named the horse Corr. I’m going to stick him to the wall in my room.

The Scorpio Races and Paper Corr

Isn’t he adorable?

The book itself had beautiful writing; I can’t even begin to list all of quotes I liked. There were some great ones that I need to remember to save at some point. When I buy my own copy of this book and reread it (yes, I liked this book that much) I’m going to keep a bunch of sticky notes to mark the pages of the quotes I like. I didn’t rate this book super high but my review was about 75% based off the technical aspects of the book and 25% my feelings.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I think I’ve flailed and gushed over how much the characters grew on me in like half of these posts.

Here’s to another great book!


  1. I just read “Sinner” by Maggie Stiefvater and posted a review! I have been meaning to check out “The Scorpio Races” and I’m glad I came across your review. Also, I enjoy keeping a list of all of the good quotes I find in books as well! 🙂


  2. Would it be better to read the entire series before reading Sinner? Because I’ve heard that Sinner was better than the series and I don’t know if I’d be willing to read all three books if I don’t like them just to get to the spinoff. And do check out The Scorpio Races! It’s definitely good.

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  3. I definitely would suggest reading the entire series before Sinner, but only because it really is an excellent series! To be honest though, Sinner is capable of being a stand alone novel if you didn’t want to bother with the first three books. You could even read Sinner first and then later read the other three because Sinner is focused on a different setting with only 2 of the main characters, that you wouldn’t be lost if you read them out of order. I hope this helps!


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