The Scorpio Races: Character Appreciation

While I know that I talked about the somewhat off characterization of Puck and Sean (and how almost every other minor character was difficult to remember), I still have to say that I really liked their personalities. So this is a post to commemorate my appreciation for the great qualities of some of my favorite characters.Let’s start with Puck.

Puck began as a pretty irritable character. She was kinda rash and illogical at times. But what was definitely great about her was her determination. There’s something you have to respect about someone who is breaking every single social stigma in her town. She’s the first female to enter the Scorpio Races and on a mare no less. Everybody thinks that she’s going to die at the hands of a deadly capaill uisce. There are innumerable times where people are telling her to not race. But she still goes on, ignoring every single negative thing they say to her. While I do admit that she’s not the smartest of characters, her will is respectfully strong. I talk more about her girl power in this post.

Puck is the type of character that grows on you. There’s a certain charm to the steel determination she has. She stops at nothing and will do anything to achieve her goal. But at the same time, she knows exactly when to stop. I love her as a character a lot.

Sean is my newest book crush. He’s quiet, kind of awkward, and so unexpected. He’s strong and knows everything about horses. At the same time, he’s apathetic and unaccustomed to social events so it’s not like he’s going to be the best conversation. What I like about him is his raw passion. He loves Corr, Thisby, and horses in a way that nobody else in the book does. He shares a truly special relationship with Corr (Side tangent: If this book ever gets as Harry Potter, I can see people writing nasty Corr/Sean fanfiction) that only the Puck’s relationship with Dove rivals. He races for the feeling of riding, not to win.

I also really liked Peg Gratton. She might be one of the only characters that I am actually able to distinguish from the rest of the island. She’s the bartender of the tavern of the town and is the woman that gives out a lot of helpful advice. She’s wise and a whole lot of fun. While she does initially discourage Puck a little, purely out of concern for her safety, eventually she becomes one of Puck’s biggest supporters. She has a lot of snark, especially regarding Puck and Sean’s awkward romance that I absolutely adore. She’s just as cool as Puck, if not cooler.

Puck’s little brother, Finn, was the cutest little kid ever. Like seriously. He wasn’t annoying, he was kind of wise, he acted his age, and he was so supportive of Puck. So adorable. He got excited over November Cakes (which I want to make and eat at some point) and cars. It’s absolutely hilarious when there’s a scene where he’s being flustered around girls because he doesn’t know what to do with himself. It’s hard not to smile when Finn is involved.

As for other characters, I wouldn’t be able to say that I can remember any of them. This was one of the book’s major flaws. There were a lot of different characters introduced but I couldn’t remember all of them. Most of them were insignificant and rarely mentioned with few distinguishable traits. That’s not to say that it made the book bad though. The few memorable characters varied in likability but were all in general, well developed.

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