Day: June 28, 2015

So I’ve Disappeared But Now I’m Back?

I’ve been gone. And honestly, that notice up on the sidebar was only supposed to be there until early June.

*Looks at calendar*

Oh sht

Well sh*t it’s almost July.

I do have a reason though. It’s just my sheer idiocy.

You see, the original plan was that once I got out of school, I’d start putting up posts on a regular schedule again. I’d try to build up and write enough posts to cover me during the really busy times of school.

Then my family’s trip to China threw a wrench into my plan.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a lot of fun and I’ll probably write up a recap post! But I really should have considered two things that would’ve prevented me from blogging while in China.

1. The firewall

I knew there was a firewall but I checked that my blog and wordpress would actually be able to load while I was at my grandparent’s house. There are some sites that you can use to test urls and check to see if they will work in China.

It worked! I thought I’d be able to write up and post while visiting because although China is fabulous, I’d still have a lot of free time to blog.

But then there was the other thing….

2. Terrible, terrible wifi

I failed to consider the fact that my grandparents have some of the worst wifi ever. Almost everything takes freaking forever to load. Except for baidu, which is like Chinese Google. Baidu doesn’t help me with anything related to my blog though because it’s not wordpress. The only things that loaded normally were Baidu (as mentioned), Goodreads, and a couple of miscellaneous sites. And those were the only sites I’d actually frequent whilst in China.

WordPress and netgalley were both some of the slowest sites to load. I’d sit there for ten minutes while I pulled up my account and clicking on “Add New” and editing would take forever. And if it crashed, I’d likely lose everything.

So yeah. That idea was a bust.

I just wanted to post this to let you guys know that I’m officially back and will be trying to post more while school is out. Now that I’ve got nothing to do all day, blogging will become one of my biggest priorities.