Day: August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays: The Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday Attempt #1 pic versionTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday, participating book bloggers blog about their top ten lists.

This Week’s Topic: Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Okay for this week’s topic I don’t even know what authors I’d read the most from. So I enlisted Goodreads which has a nifty little option that lists out all the authors you read the most from.

Naturally, the top few were manga artists because I’d finished a few shoujo mangas that would have 20+ volumes each. I’m also expecting there to be a lot of middle grade and children’s authors on here because when I first started Goodreads, I decided to add every book I recognized that I knew I read at some point. Including books from my Elementary school days. I’m just glad that I didn’t add all of the Magic Tree House books or the Bailey School Kid books because I know that those would instantly be the authors I read the most from. So today’s Top Ten Tuesday isn’t going to be the standard list and explain, but rather a series of pictures that I screenshot and added text to. Let’s do this.

top authors read 1 copy

top authors read 2

I cannot do art with a mouse. My stick figure looks horrendous.

So those are my top read authors! I’m actually really surprised that Andrew Smith wasn’t on there. I always feel like I read a lot of his books. Huh. I guess not. Anyways, what were your top read authors?