Page Dancer Weekly | Chapter II: Volunteering + The Start of School

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As always, this covers the past two weeks (8/2-8/15).


  • I volunteered for a week at a nearby museum!
  • School started again and it absolutely sucked.
  • I gave up on “No-Poo” and this is why.

life copyI’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this feature and I’m super happy about it! I like that you guys seem to enjoy hearing about my life because I enjoy writing about it. Although I love writing about reading and books, it’s a nice change from it. This week I tried out a slightly different design. I’m experimenting with different shapes of banners!

So I started volunteering at the nearby center in which I help assist a woman I know with teaching a small Chinese dance class. It was absolute chaos since her teaching is a little disorganized. I mean, she’s a great person and I myself take lessons from her. If you’re not used to it, her teaching can definitely get a little frustrating. The kids were so cute though! It was so adorable watching them learn and dance. They had a performance at the end of the week and it was super cute! The only thing that I thought was a little bleh was the fact that the teacher pretty much told me that I had to perform a Chinese dance we did earlier this year in their recital so the kids had time to do a costume change. If you ask me, a little bit of warning would have been greatly appreciated. It’s over now, because it was for a week-long camp but I definitely enjoyed it while it lasted.

My reading has been quite nonexistent lately. It sucks because I really need to read a few ARCs and make a dent in my library books.

Besides the fact that I’m in the middle of a reading slump, I also started a new K-drama. I usually end up watching about three a year but once I get into the mood for a drama, the only thing that can stop it is watching one. I’m watching Iljimae which is like my current obsession. It’s really good and the actors are all so attractive! It sucks but I haven’t been able to watch it because school started.

As for the “no-poo” thing I mentioned in the last update… hah about that… I might have cracked about four days after the update. My brother kept teasing me and trying to get me to crack but he finally succeeded when he took out a bottle of one of my favorite shampoos that my dad brings back from Japan with the words, “Hey Kelly! I took out a bottle of that rose shampoo you like so go wash your hair.” It smells really good. At that point in time, I was starting to get annoyed with the perpetual greasiness of my hair even if I did like the volume I got from the nasty oil. I took pictures prior to washing it though! But it sort of defeats the purpose of this experiment XD

Who knows? Maybe I’ll try this experiment again one day but at this point, I like my Shiseido Rosarium shampoo too much.

Otherwise, school has started. And I kind of hate it. The only thing that made it slightly better was that I liked my first day of school outfit and that my friend was finally able to give me what she got for me on her trip to New York!

They were these adorable handmade book earrings! Like omg they were so cute! I’m currently in love with these earrings because I think they look adorable. Sometimes, I think that things such as book earrings can come off looking tacky but I love how these don’t give off the same feeling.

But right now I can’t wear them because my piercings are infected. That doesn’t mean I can’t give them a photoshoot though!

Displaying 20150815_181812_resized.jpg

Displaying 20150815_181858_resized.jpg

School has only just started so I’m far from really being slammed by the workload. However, at this point, I feel extremely disorganized since I haven’t really developed a system to organize everything. I usually base my process off of my classes and how much we need for each one. I’m a little scared about the workload because good lord 4 AP classes. I’m pretty sure I want early death. PRAY FOR ME GUYS.

books copyDisplaying 20150815_182109_resized.jpg



  • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson (★★★★) | SUPER CUTE. I’ve noticed that Matson really likes adding music playlists into her books and I like it. The romance was a little abrupt but it was pretty cute overall. Not sure if I’m reviewing this one but it was really good!

This section is pitiful. I absolutely hate reading slumps.


challenges + blog copy

I’ve made progress with two spaces on the bingo board but no progress on the Story Sprites.

For my Goodreads challenge I’ve read 98/100 books. I’m so close to finishing!


 Besides the fact that school makes me want to curl up into a ball and die, I’m hoping to read a lot more soon. And I cannot get over how CUTE those book earrings are! I’m definitely going to be wearing them a lot in the future.

So tell me. How was your week?


  1. I’m probably going to go pick up some prep books for the ACT soon! I’ll have to wait on the SAT because I heard they’re changing the format but I’ll definitely try to get a copy of the College Board book.
    I’ve been bad with checking out The Social Potato but I’m probably going to do it today! Aentee is just gonna be so successful in the community.
    I definitely will! Nana sounds interesting.
    YES GO READ IT. The beginning is slow and the art is a little plain but the story line is really good!

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