Page Dancer Weekly | Chapter III: Modeling??? And Classes and Tests UGH

8-29-15 copyThis covers 8/16-8/29.


  • My Chinese dance classes have started up again but this time we’re modelling too?
  • My English teacher renders my class speechless

life copyHi guys!

So these last two weeks have been both horrible and amazing. I’m still trying to adjust to school starting again because I’m am never awake enough for class. Like I’m falling asleep in my English class (which is so worth talking about gimme a moment) but the homework hasn’t really begun to pile up yet. It’s extremely, extremely manageable right now.

As of now, my favorite teachers are my Chemistry teacher, English teacher, and sort of my Spanish teacher??? They’re all dudes and I think it’s because they’re all pretty serious. One of them is really sarcastic, the other is kind of dry, and the third is so logical? I’m not sure lol. I think the gender ratio is like five to four. And because I really dislike my Pre-Calculus and Biology teacher. I could rant about those two for days.

My English class though! So my English teacher is extremely vocal about societal issues and it’s hilariously awkward for the whole class. On the first day of actual teaching, he showed us the poem, To This Day (video below), and told us to analyze it. At that point, it wasn’t too bad because bullying is a pretty common issue to discuss. But then Friday he presented a poem called Legal Alien by Pat Mora which is about a female that felt like she couldn’t identify with either of the cultures she was (American and Mexican). Then we did a discussion and literally no Caucasian people spoke. It was a lot of the Asian-Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, etc. that really kind of “discussed” the issue. While it was certainly an important topic, I felt like it was too early to really introduce such a controversial subject as a discussion. I didn’t mind (I actually liked it) but other people felt extremely uncomfortable. I heard people talking about how it was stupid after the class! I like this teacher because he isn’t afraid to discuss taboo topics and make activities that require us to be so personal with ourselves.

On a completely unrelated note, recently one of my favorite K-Pop groups has come out with a sub-unit song and I AM HOOKED. It’s called “Beautiful Liar” by LR (Leo and Ravi of VIXX) and it’s such a gorgeous song! The music video is visually beautiful (although I’m pretty sure the yaoi fans went insane) and portrays a simple, but somewhat meaningful scenario. I admit that Leo sucks live (He’s out-of-tune half the time and I always feel like he’s straining. My own throat hurts for his.) BUT his voice in the recording sounds nice!

And if you’re interested, no, neither of these two are my biases of the group that’s Han Sanghyuk but I still follow them!

HYUK FLOUR NOSEThere’s my favorite idiot.

On the weekends, Chinese dance and pipa classes have started up again for me. Pipa has stayed fairly normal but my dance teacher wants to start some modeling thing. So every Sunday, I go to a studio and walk around in heels, trying to make myself more model-worthy XD The teacher has definitely tried to do modeling classes in the past but they quickly died out when people didn’t really…. sign up for them? It’s fun (sort of) but the music we walk to is pretty awful. Somehow I doubt that her teaching is going to resemble actual modeling. Like try to strut to some repetitive techno music that sounds like the producer gave up in the middle. It just does not work.

The dance class is pretty amazing though! We’re starting some great dances. Apparently we’re going to be performing in like two months which is kind of terrifying because my teacher has a reputation of not finishing the dance until the week before the stage.

Bookwise, well. I have like four books overdue at the library but I really want to read them before I return them. So late fees.


Displaying 20150829_170800_resized.jpg


  • Another Day by David Levithan (★★) | I reviewed this one already and unfortunately didn’t like it. I don’t know why I requested it if I didn’t like the first book.
  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (★★) | This book was such a chore to read! I’m still going to be reading the third book (just to say that I have) but this series isn’t doing anything for me…
  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (★★★1/2???) | I finished it this morning and I’m not really sure how I feel about it?


challenges + blog copyCHALLENGES

Not updating this section today… sorry if you were interested for some reason?


So I’m getting pretty bad with actually doing these before Saturday. The original plan with these was to do it over the course of two weeks so I didn’t have to scramble to finish it the day of. *Sighs* Should’ve known that I would’ve reverted to my procrastinator ways LOL

Anyways, anything interesting happen for you guys?


  1. I hope you have an AWESOME school year! I wish we had spoken about more social issues in school. But I grew up in a small Texan town, so it was always about Jesus, virginity and guns. *vomits*

    I am going to have to check out Legal Alien. It sounds so interesting, and we have a lot of immigrant issues here.

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  2. You’ll do great this year, although I did laugh at what you said about discussion in your English period, and the modeling not working out with the crappy music. Sometimes it’s god for people to be uncomfortable. Of course they will be, because they have privilege, but discussion is what leads to progress and progress leads to teachers. i applaud your teacher for not shying away from these issues, and just kind of goes head on. Life begins outside your comfort zone. I’m glad the white kids in your class listened, though, not to say that they shouldn’t contribute to the conversation, but I think this is healthy, you know? For the privileged to just sit down, and genuinely ponder it. Someone calling the discussion stupid is completely predictable, and something I could only see a close minded privileged person saying. Good luck with the modeling. You’re already model-worthy…LOL…you don’t have to learn the skills for that to be true. Good luck with the management of the blog, I ended up preparing and having it done a month ahead. I don’t think I could deal with any extra pressure during the school year xD

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  3. A lot of people feel all touchy and worried they’ll say something offending but I think it’s better for them to try than to not say anything at all! I actually really like that teacher because he always tries to incorporate subjects like this.
    The ironic thing is that the person that I heard call the discussion “stupid” was Japanese-Pakistani and I just couldn’t understand why she would feel that way.
    LOL I wish. *poses and takes a selfie*
    I tried to do that because it’s so much easier to schedule and plan and just write more in your free time but I just totally procrastinated on that XD Good job to myself for slacking on the one thing that could potentially suck up my time during the school year.

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  4. LOL I hope you don’t get offended but I have a friend that moved from Texas and is always making jokes about how narrow-minded it is there. And the education system. Always jokes about the education system.
    Definitely do it! It’s a pretty short poem and touches on great themes.


  5. Yes, exactly!!! Wow. Aww, don’t put yourself down about that, LOL! I’ve procrastinated before, but I’m not a procrastinator, usually, and I’m thankful for that, I don’t know if I could handle it. XD

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