Page Dancer Weekly | Chapter IV: Posting Less and More School

9-12-15This covers 8/30-9/12


  • School and my poor time management skills
  • Lia Kim is the best. No debate.

life copySo apparently I was naive enough to think that I’d be able to squeeze blogging in with school AND still get enough sleep.

Yeah that was just a dumb thing to think. Obviously, this entire week I was lacking the usual posts I have ready and I have a feeling that the trend is going to be continuing. I’m probably going to cut down the amount of posts I have planned to just 2-3 a week instead of my extremely ambitious 3-4 posts but rest be assured that I will not be having a hiatus unless I’m drowning in school. Famous last words.

I mean, part of it is definitely because I’ve gone on a mini phone and laptop intervention. I waste so much time on my laptop and phone during the school week. I’ve pretty much made my mom take both to work so I get non-computer work done before she gets home. Then I can tackle the assignments that require my laptop and try to get to sleep earlier. It’s done great so far because now I’m sleeping at 11-12 instead of 1-2 like I was at the end of freshman year. THE GOAL IS 10. I WANT TO SLEEP AT 10 O’CLOCK BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

Feel free to yell at me for my poor time management skills.

Otherwise, school has been treating me well! AP Chemistry is proving to be so much more interesting that I was expecting it to be! The teacher seems to like upperclassmen a lot more (not surprising, honestly) and as such, is so much more likable and detailed when lecturing. I think he thought that freshmen wouldn’t be able to totally understand all of Chem 1 if he went in so much detail but I’m enjoying it!

I had to write up a book review for bio and it proved to be simultaneously the easiest and most frustrating assignment ever. I’m proud of the end product but I stressed over it a ridiculous amount considering that it’s a book review. I write those all the time so I think I was being too hard on myself XD

OH and I got nominated for Homecoming Queen in my grade. I doubt I’ll win because it’s homecoming and I’m hardly the most popular person but some people decided to nominate me for obvious reasons (aka I’m fabulous *flips hair*).

I’ve also been so obsessed with watching hip hop videos online. I’m especially obsessed with Korean styles of hip hop because it’s extremely fluid! One of my faves is Lia Kim’s choreography to Pentatonix’s “La La Latch”. I discovered it earlier today and I’m like obsessed.



  • The Wrath & The Dawn by Rene Adhieh (★★★1/2) | I liked it but I wasn’t blown away like everybody said I’d be.
  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (★★★★) | It’s Patrick Ness so of course the score is high! Loved the art in this a lot but wish the story was longer.
  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (★★) | I’m seriously considering dropping the series because this book just did not do it for me :/
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (★★1/2) | It was originally higher, but then I wrote the assignment and had to reread it and the score dropped a lot. Classic symptom of required reading.


challenges + blog copyTechnically, the summer round of bookish bingo is over but I didn’t keep track of it soooo. This is my finished card? I’m going to be doing the next round too but I’ve yet to sign up because I had to finalize this one first!bingo copyAnd here’s my Story Sprites update….Story SpritesI’ve definitely made some progress with it! I think it’s because I forgot to mark a few books last time I updated. Oops.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT (tbh you didn’t miss much XD)

I got busy these few weeks and didn’t have time to put together a graphic for this. I’m feeling a bit of blogger burnout so hopefully, school will help remedy it. What have you guys been doing?


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. So I’m subscribed to the 1Million Dance Studio channel, and when I was browsing through the videos and saw Lia Kim’s cover I was totally going to tweet you and Joey (I actually revisited that very video today because 1Million updated its channel with another Lia Kim video today of La La Latch). Since it combines dance (what you love) and a cappella (what Joey loves), haha. However, school kind of kept me preoccupied and I kept forgetting to actually share it to you guys. Oh well. But yes, Lia Kim is amazing. I also really love Mina Myoung. This post really shows how great minds think alike!

    If I was to calculate how much time I spend on my laptop… it’d be ridiculous. I’m always on it for school, blogging, etc. My phone not so much. I guess it kind of shows since I’m not that social media savvy. Twitter is fun but conversations are too hard to keep up… I think I’m getting off topic, lol. Anyway, the intervention sounds interesting. Also, TEN O’CLOCK IS MY BED TIME TOO. But that’s because I have early classes this year and I have to wake up at 7 am, which is pretty early for me since I’m not a morning person.

    And whoa, I had no idea you gave 2 stars to a Maas book. I’ll have to revisit your reviews after I’ve read the Throne of Glass series!


  2. *claps* You are SO CLOSE! I am so excited that you are making progress on Story Sprites!

    I never could really get into the Throne of Glass series myself. I love the author, but her horrible treatment of female characters honestly is alarming. I gave up in the middle of book 2, so you are not along there.

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  3. OMG getting nominated for homecoming queen seems so cool! I go to bed before 10 oclock everyday or else I’m so tired the next day I can’t function. When I get home from school I have no time to do anything except homework which makes finding time for reading and writing new posts so hard :(. I have most of my posts scheduled until the end of November though so we’ll see what happens with that…I’m a huge fan of TOG but people who didn’t like the first two don’t exactly seem to like the rest of them from what I’ve seen.

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  4. Oh god I wish I could do that >.< but alas homework and being a magnet student royally sucks. Lmao yeah I guess getting nominated was fun for the time being but I didn't end up winning or going to the homecoming game simply because I didn't want to XD
    Man I think it's cool that you have them scheduled until November. The furthest I've gotten is one month but I've found that it's not enough…
    It's good that you tell me that! I don't think I'll be continuing the series simply because I don't see how I personally would enjoy the rest of them and if the general trend is what you told me then I'll def keep it in mind! 🙂


  5. I’m definitely going to try to make some more progress on it!
    Well seeing as there’s only three somewhat important female characters and two of them are dead or imprisoned while the main character has a deep, dark, depressing past, I can definitely see where you’re coming from.


  6. XD Yes! I’ve literally been showing this video to everybody and I think they just think I’m ridiculous. The thing that’s got me really excited recently is the 1Million dance tutorial channel! They only have one video up but I’m extremely excited for when they get more!
    Waking up at 7 AM would be such a bless for me because my current wake-up time of 6:15 is inhumane. Class starts at 7:25 for me but I always walk in at like 7:23…

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  7. EEEP YOU MUST TRY TO READ UNTIL HEIR OF FIRE. I promise Heir of Fire is all sorts of amazing. And you have to meet Rowan before you decide to drop the series, haha!

    Good luck for the homecoming queen thing, I always knew you were fabulous so I am over the moon to hear your peers also recognises this.

    And ooo Illuminae! I want!! Have a fantastic time reading ❤


  8. I just checked out Heir of Fire from the library and I’m desperately hoping I’ll enjoy it like you said. If not, well. Yeah probs dropping it.
    Aw thanks! I’m pretty sure it’s just a joke among my peers but I personally think I’m great so I’m okay with it XD


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