Day: November 30, 2019

20 things i’ve learned since turning 20

woah happy 20th birthday to me!!

it’s a little bit past day of, but 20 still feels kind of momentous, no? it’s a little bit different than age 16 or 18, though, where i felt the effect of aging almost immediately when waking up. the world looked a little brighter, i felt a little more grown, it was a good time! maybe it was just finally being able to get a permit and vote, though HAH.

even though 20 isn’t an age that comes with the gift of new responsibilities (like buying alc huehue catch me in a year), 20 still feels old. i’m no longer a teenager, and i’m fully stepping into a new decade of my life. what i’m grateful for, though, is that i happened to turn 20 over break. i’m currently spending my thanksgiving break at my university, where the large majority of people are at home for the holidays. i’m chilling out here, pretty much alone give or take a few meet-ups with friends, but it’s… really nice to be able to ruminate on my thoughts and goals and ambitions for the next decade by myself. too often, going to a huge university, it’s really hard to find time to let my full introvert come out, and i make do with the few moments of solitude i can scrape together between classes and during meals.

that being said, i have a lot of thoughts and a lot of goals for myself after having an entire afternoon to myself and i’m ready to share on my lil diary-blog. (more…)