Review Policy and System

Review Requests

I will accept both e-books and physical copies for review. I will read almost anything but generally I prefer to read and review YA novels. Outside of YA, I will accept graphic novels (both American and foreign), historical fiction, memoirs, and occasionally, adult fiction novels.

I will not review religious, self-help, adult romance, self-published, or erotic novels.

Please email me at if you are interested in contacting me to review a novel. If you have any questions or would like to recommend a book, feel free to email me! I love speaking with fellow readers.

What Can Be Expected From My Reviews

I will always be honest when reviewing. I don’t sugarcoat anything but I am never hateful. ARC reviews will almost always be posted on the date of publication or earlier. My reviews will include information about the novel (summary, title, author, page count, genre, purchase links, etc.) and a review.

What My Ratings Mean

DNF:  I may or may not give the book a rating. If I have read the majority of the book, I will give it a rating. However, if I have read less than 75% of the novel, I will not rate. In both cases, I will tell my reasons for dropping it. I always try to read at least half of a book before I DNF it.

One Star: I did not enjoy the book for a multitude of reasons that may include character likability, writing, logic, etc.

Two Stars: The book isn’t necessarily bad but there are a number of key issues that hinder it’s enjoyability.

Three Stars: It was okay but it may vary on whether or not I liked it. I might like the book but feel that it had technical problems or I might not have enjoyed it regardless. In general, 3-star books are books that I was indifferent towards.

Four Stars: I enjoyed the book a lot. I was able to connect and read without any major aspects hindering how much I liked it. There may have been a few things that bothered me, but the book was still strong.

Five Stars: Omigod I love the book so much that when it’s done I either squeal or have this really dumb smile on my face. Then I hug/kiss the book and rant about how amazing it is to anybody and everybody. Then it gets mentioned 213655676453 numbers of times on this blog on any other post that isn’t a review.

Anytime I talk about that book, I will look like this.

dongwoo floaty

Half stars will be awarded where appropriate. Either it’s really close to getting another star, or there is something that warrants a slightly higher rating.


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