Expectations Vs. Reality

The Monstrumologist: Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectations vs. Reality

The Monstrumologist


Scary monsters

Creepy, creepy houses

Really creepy scientists

Will Henry to be less spineless

Cooler monsters

For me to actually be scared

More monsters

Work with chemicals


Monster battles

Cool gothic setting


Dead people


Scientist with emotional control of a teenage girl

That same scientist is also on the crazy side

Monsters with descriptions that vaguely remind me of vampires

Three floored houses that aren’t scary at all

Shrunken heads

People with daddy complexes

Heavily disguised child labor

Starvation of children

Sleep deprivation (nooooo!)

Bipolar worms

BLOODY monster battles

Jack the Ripper

Human sacrifice

Book that’s about as scary as a chick flick (actually those can be pretty scary when they’re bad)

Jack the Ripper

I know the format of this post is kind of ugly but I will figure out a way to insert a legible table soon.

Anyways, when I first picked up The Monstrumologist, I had thought it would be more eerie. Definitely not the cheerful but gory book it was. I found that it utterly failed at scaring me and I’m a complete wimp when it comes to horror. It was most likely because of the fact that the story talked about emotions quite a bit and that Will Henry was rarely ever scared in the novel.

I also thought that there would be more monsters than just the Anthropophagi and the body-invading worms. Truly disappointing in that aspect. For some reason, the Anthropophagi reminded me of vampires although I know that they are nothing alike. These monsters don’t even drink blood.They were like giant humanoid gorillas with super strength.

And yes! There was Jack the Ripper. Though it wasn’t super obvious until the end. He was placed in the book as more of a side-character.

I have to say that the biggest surprise was the fact that Dr. Warthrop wasn’t creepy in the slightest. I had begun reading the book expecting it to be about a scientist that was experimenting with monsters and had forced Will Henry into being his unwilling assistant. Instead, I read about Dr. Warthrop who didn’t really understand Will Henry’s boundaries and how to raise a kid.

I wasn’t expecting the book to get emotional at all. Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry both had a lot more baggage than I thought they would, considering that the book looks and sounds really creepy. I was pretty surprised when the book started to get into the background of Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry.

So did The Monstrumologist meet my expectations? Kind of. It was good in the aspect of writing and storytelling but I was expecting it to be much scarier.