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a coming out post, to thank diverse books

I have always questioned my own sexuality and yeah I know, I’m not special because everybody does that. But hey I thought I was straight for like all of high school until now. I figured I’d graduate without anything really changing all that much. That seems to be a trend though, thinking that I have it all figured out and then whoopdeedoo I learn and change again.

In retrospect, it’s probably more accurate to say that I had been questioning, even if I didn’t realize it. I’ve had crushes on both guys and girls, although I always excused the latter as being a “girl crush” or that I “really, really wanted to be her friend.” I admired girls in a totally “platonic” way.

Cue the eyeroll, please.


Life of a Blogger: Goals and Dreams

Honestly, I don’t really know what I want to do with my future yet. I’m pretty fickle so far because I don’t know what it is I really have a passion for. I do have some definite goals that I want to achieve although most of them are academic goals.

Academically, I want to be able to manage straight A’s throughout high school and as close to a 98% as possible. I might not end up going to an Ivy League college but I want to at least be able to give myself the chance to get in if I want to. For the AP classes I’m taking, I want to try to get a 4-5 on the AP test. It’s going to require extensive studying but I’m going to try my best to do it.

Clearly I want to get into an out-of-state college and graduate but  I still have no idea what I’m going to major in. Maybe something medical? An anesthesiologist or psychiatrist sounds cool but I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it. Other days I wonder if I could be a celebrity. It keeps changing.

As for other goals, I want to move up to the third level of orchestra for the next school year. I want to improve my piano skills and find a way to increase the amount I dance. Drink more water and go to sleep earlier.

I would include blog goals but I already made a post about it earlier this year. To summarize, I want to increase variety on my blog, read a larger amount of genres, schedule earlier, etc. See the original post here.

I dream of the day when I can learn hip-hop. Because I can’t find classes where I live. They might be around here somewhere but I can’t find them.

I dream of being able to sleep enough on a daily basis. It’s a futile goal I’m working on.

This is quite possibly the cheesiest thing ever but I do wish to fall in love one day. I don’t really dream about it; I have better things to do. But after reading so many cheesy love stories, it’s something I hope will happen.

I have a bucket list of things I want to do… but none of them are actually “dreams”. They include stuff like travel and cool things that I’d want to be able to do. I’d include it but if I don’t complete some of the things on the list, it’s not going to be the end of the world.

What are some things that you dream of doing? What goals have you set?

Life of a Blogger: Achievements

I’m not really sure what the boundaries for “Achievements” include. Does that include academic and extracurriculars? I’ll probably include just broad overviews.

In Elementary School

  • I used to figure skate. I was okay but I never committed enough to improve as quickly as I was allegedly said to be able to (my schedule was too busy) nor was I ever consistent. And consistency was key. But either way I was decent enough to have won a few medals for competitions nearby.
  • In (insert some grade between 3rd and 5th) I won the class spelling bee, and later, the school spelling bee. Of course, I lost in the district one because I didn’t study. I still considered myself decent because at least I had my g’s and j’s sorted out by then. This one unfortunate kid knew how to spell the word but said “j” instead.
  • I won the class election for Vice President (we considered the teacher the president) by writing a longer speech than my competitors with a bunch of claims like preventing bullying and helping students. It didn’t really matter because the VP didn’t do much either way. One of my friends was nominated but didn’t write a speech. She said that everybody should vote for her because she likes tacos. But hey at least I can say I won a seat in office at some point.

In Middle School

  • I somehow managed to just barely qualify in academic team events. I literally just took the tests for fun, accidentally qualified for subject tests (in Arts and Humanities if you were wondering), and proceeded to not study because I did not care. Somehow, I made it to state.
  • Create some of the worst science fair projects known to mankind. (I HATE SCIENCE FAIR WITH A BURNING FIERY PASSION)

Look I found this on Google Images and it is so funnily true.

  • Have the opportunity to compete nationally in Future Problem Solving.
  • Win way too many raffles at school.
  • Create a giant Rube Goldberg project that was theoretically supposed to work, but ended up not working. My entire group was disappointed.
  • Do NHD. Which is an achievement in of itself. (NHD stands for National History Day which is a year-long history project. Click on the picture below if you want to know more.)

I was going to use my 7th grade website as an example but well…. I can’t find it. So see my ugly 6th grade presentation instead

Displaying 2015-01-18 23.35.52.jpg

It’s so tacky. I can’t believe I thought it was good back then. Names have been removed for anonymity of my partner.

Recent Achievements

  • I won my first trophy at a Speech tournament last month!

Displaying 20150118_233009.jpg

  • I hit and surpassed 100 followers on this blog.
  • I managed to not completely fail my first semester of high school.
  • The school orchestra I’m in had re-seating and I got concert master.

Yes arm circle dance

I feel like there were probably more but I don’t actually remember them…. but what have you achieved recently?

Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.

This Weeks Topic: Bad Habits

I feel like all of the forces in the world are coming together to make sure that my bad habits are revealed to everybody before January has ended.

Last week, you guys learned that I’m embarrassingly clumsy for someone who dances. I remember another post that pretty much highlights all of my bad habits and things that I want to change. I literally can keep no secrets XD I guess it’s part of being a blogger.

Some really bad habits I have…..

  • Not putting my laundry away the week I get it.
  • Not practicing piano or other music instruments
  • Taking a nap as soon as I get home, resulting in late night homework catch-up sessions.
  • Waiting to take a shower at 1 in the morning, resulting in me having to sleep on wet hair ( I HATE SLEEPING ON WET HAIR)
  • Sticking loose papers from class into textbooks. It results in really ugly, crumpled papers.
  • Hoarding books
  • Sleeping way too late
  • Sleeping in way too late
  • Procrastinating on homework (like I am right now)
  • Putting off test studying
  • Not using lotion for days at a time.
  • Reading instead of studying

Well those are just some of them. What bad habits do you have?

Life of a Blogger: Scars

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.


Okay I’m done now (If you were wondering, the song is Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco)

This post is pretty much going to be an account of all of the really dumb things I’ve done before and how clumsy I am.

And do acne scars count? Because I have a TON of those.

I don’t know if it’s socially acceptable to post pictures of my scars on the internet, so I’ll uh refrain from that.

Exhibit A: These really deep scars I have on my shins.

They used to be kind of shiny but over time, they’ve faded to this kind of light brown. How did I get them you may ask?

I fell trying to get out of the shower. I had sprained my ankle and I was way too prideful to ask for help to step over the little blocky thing. We have this slide-door cell-shaped shower and on my attempt to get out, I tripped and landed right on the metal slide. Cue excessive pain as I see these hella deep cuts on both shins that line up.

Really embarrassing if you ask me because I could have avoided it if I wasn’t so dumb about the whole thing.

Exhibit B: Brown circle on the right side of my left calf.

Around 2nd grade, I slept with my lamp on all night. I was afraid of the dark and an itsy bitsy nightlamp did not help at all. Well somehow in the middle of the night I managed to kick/punch the lampshade off of the lamp. Then I somehow managed to get the lamp onto my bed, bare bulb and all. I woke up, not to a fire, but from the intense pain I had on that spot. I had burned my leg with my lamp.

I slept with all the lights off after that.

Exhibit C: Shiny brown scar on my left ankle

I don’t really remember when this happened but I was on a scooter but I fell on my left side and skinned my left ankle really badly. It wasn’t even a big cut it was just a small section that dragged over the concrete a lot. I went home, stuck a band-aid on it and all was well. Except for the scar it left behind.

Ones that I used to have that faded away

Yin-yang shaped scar on my right elbow

I was in orchestra. I was kind of half-jogging to get my instrument. My friend in the cello section decided it would be so funny to stick her foot out and trip me. I went flying, really badly skinning my right elbow all the while thinking that it was as fun as a roller-coaster. I got up, laughing and had this bleeding, tile-burn elbow. It probably would not have scarred if my friends hadn’t been evil enough to draw the lines that showed it as a yin-yang symbol. It opened up the scabs. Plus it was in the winter so my shirts kept pulling at it. Yay scars. You can still sort of see the lumpy parts but it’s mostly gone.

Brown spot on my left hipbone

I was at a speech tournament that my school was hosting. Some idiot from another school left their phone there. I ran after them trying to get ahold of them before their school left. It was dark. I didn’t see the sudden hill. I did this epic rolling thing that resulted in a skinned hipbone because my shirt rode up. It was fun but my hipbone hurt. And then since pants are dumb and rub against the scar, it didn’t heal properly and yay a scar. This one hasn’t faded yet but I dearly hope it does because it’s just sad if tripping resulted in a scar.

Life of a Blogger: Things to do Before 2014 Ends

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.

2014 ends in less than two weeks. It went by really quickly.

There a few things that I need to get in order before 2015 starts but I wouldn’t say they are too major.

I need to read all of the library books I have checked out so I can start afresh in January. That means I need to read like 30 books. No clue how I’m going to do it, but it’s worth a try right?

Figure out my goals for the rest of this school year. Clearly I need to start prioritizing because my grades are not the top priority.

Pick up a second Speech event and find a script because otherwise, I’ll be stuck trying to cut and memorize until the season is over.

Begin studying for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT because otherwise my scores will be rock-bottom low.

Sleep more. Because I need it.

Relax after finals week.

Survive finals week.

Practice piano. A lot. Because I’ve been seriously slacking off on practicing.

Get a social life (lol jk)

Are there any things you need to finish up before the end of the year?

Life of a Blogger: How I Deal With Stress & School


And I shall die.

And I’m just like…..

Octopus Nope nope nope

Finals just go away. Just. Go.

Some basic info to help you get an idea of my school life

1. I’m a highschooler

2. I’m a magnet student

3. I’m notorious for procrastinating and sleeping past midnight

To be honest, I’m not too worried about a few of them. It’s just that I have… two of the harder ones…. on the same day…..

I do not need a Spanish and an AP Human Geography final on the same day. No. Just stahhhhppp. I’m terrible at memorizing information and as a result, my lowest grades are in the classes that require that skill.

Memorizing = not yay

On the other hand, math is a breeze and I’m not at all worried about my other classes.

It’s just…. history classes.

So how do I deal with stress?

Here’s the answer.

I don’t really get that stressed. It’s more of a thing where I’m so sleep-deprived, I appear stressed and honestly, I probably should be but then I’m so passive and so “I don’t care” about everything that I look like a complete slacker. It’s not like I’m bad at school. I’m not. I guess I can say that I don’t really strive to reach “my full potential” and quite honestly, I really don’t feel inclined to.

The only time I feel slightly stressed is when my grade is on the verge of becoming a B.

I procrastinate as much as humanely possible until it’s 11 o’clock at night and I realize oh crap I have work to do and then I do it and go to sleep at like one in the morning. Or I think that my assignment won’t take a lot of time but then when I do it, it ends up taking quite a while.

Or it’ll be like now. Where I should be sleeping, but instead I’m typing up a blog post because I’d rather do that.

It’s a really bad cycle. I have permanent headaches that are the result of sleep debt. I look and feel like I’m on the verge of fainting all the time. (And I usually give into the urge when I get home.)

faint gif







Not to forget that I’m also on the speech team and am struggling through a duo that is absolutely awful right now.

Stress is supposed to make people work harder, but it just doesn’t work that way for me.

Life of a Blogger: Thanksgiving Traditions

As a Chinese-American, I never really got to experience the traditional, yearly Thanksgiving celebration. My family never really did American holidays.

So I can’t really say that I have any Thanksgiving traditions.

At most, we would attend a house party (most likely Asian) and gorge ourselves on food. We’d stay late and hang out with other people. Some years, we’d invite somebody over to eat. Last year, my parents invited a family that was moving. We had a slightly more extravagant dinner than usual, but it was still very low-key.

In other news, my birthday falls around Thanksgiving. And depending on the year, it was really nice. There was always a chance that there would be no school and I could just spend the day relaxing at home.

I’d look forward to my birthday rather than Thanksgiving because it meant I had an excuse to be lazy.

“Hey Kelly! You should do this work!”
“It’s my birthday! I don’t have to!”

Yay bad excuses!

Every Thanksgiving morning, I’d wake up and see my mom “watching” the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV. It felt kind of like the 4th of July and Easter. It was a holiday, but it wasn’t really something we celebrated. Thanksgiving was more of a day where my parents sit at the table and look through store catalogs for Black Friday deals. Then we sleep. Then I wake up and see my parents coming back from the store with loads of random stuff.

The most notable random, useless object I think they’ve ever bought was the Shark Sweeper thing. Some floor steaming device to clean floors? Not sure. I just know that nobody ever uses it. I’m not sure they even know how to use it.

It’s this thing

When I was younger, I suppose I could say that a tradition was that I’d make a huge deal out of Thanksgiving. I’d wake up and be like “HAPPY THANKSGIVING MOM AND DAD!”

And they’d just kind of blankly stare at me before replying, “Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you to!”

They are much less bland in person XD

Nowadays, for me, Thanksgiving is just another day, but what Thanksgiving traditions do you celebrate?

Life of a Blogger: 10 Things I’ll Never Do

I was debating on whether or not to begin doing this post because it’s more about me, the blogger, rather than just books but I enjoy blogging about life. And me. So yes, I decided to begin to participate in this weekly feature.

It’s an interesting feature where every week, bloggers are given a topic to write about. This way, readers can learn more about the personality behind the blog. It’s hosted by Novel Heartbeat weekly.


I’m actually a pretty bold person. I don’t really care if I look like a complete idiot as long as it isn’t in front of somebody that I’m trying to impress. (Which by the way, is almost never. Sometimes it results in me looking like an idiot in front of teachers)

Obviously I’m never going to do some really stupid stuff. Like doing drugs. Or becoming an alcoholic. But somehow, I doubt that this is what the feature is supposed to be about.

So thinking of this stuff might be kind of difficult.

And might result in some seriously dumb stuff.

1. Plastic Surgery

This kind of falls under stuff that I find stupid, but I know that a lot of people use plastic surgery as a kind of healing after injuries. Er that didn’t really make sense but I mean that some people might use it to help reform injured body parts. However, the type of plastic surgery I’m referring to is intentional body modification because of low self-esteem.

Yeah I have small eyes. But I’m not going to get double-eyelid surgery just because of it.

2. Open my own clothing company

I can’t sew. I literally can’t do anything related to string. I love clothes. I love fashion. But if I try to make anything, the end result is so horrendous I kind of want to burn it.

Lovely attempts at knitting have resulted in lumpy scarves (that are not of a constant width).

I tried making friendship bracelets once. Instead I “cursed” these other people from making good ones because I didn’t want to give bad instructions. XD My friendship bracelets are the epitome of ugly-as-f*ck.

I tried to sew a dress thing for a costume project. I cut it too short. The stitches were visible. It was so ugly.

And no, I am NOT attaching pictures.

3. Join a clique

Some of my friends might find this completely untrue, but I identify myself as an introvert. I will never ever join a clique or a friend group with 5+ people. I feel uncomfortable and in all seriousness, how are you ever supposed to develop a feeling of trust with all of them? Half the time you get talked over. Plus, for me, maintaining good relationships with all of them would make me so tired.

4. Date somebody who doesn’t know what they want

After a complete fail of an attempt at “dating” in 7th grade (which, by the way, I don’t even count as dating. I just describe it as such for lack of better term), I have realized that dating when you have no clue what you want is stupid. Well it’s not even that. Dating when you don’t even know what dating is, is stupid.

Dating is not just sitting together at lunch or texting.

Dating is more than that. I don’t know when people started to develop the delusion that sitting together at lunch is “dating”.

Dating when you don’t even like your “significant other” is also dumb.

I’m sorry if I’m offending anybody. It’s just that I find it kind of ridiculous that so many people “date” when they can’t even go somewhere alone with another person.

So yeah, if I’m going to date somebody, I have to 1) know that I like them 2) know that they are willing to commit and 3) not have to deal with some bs on/off relationship drama.

5. Wear peplum

I hate peplum anything with a burning fiery passion.

And if you don’t know what it is…….

It’s not even the shirt. It was just seeing girls parade around in peplum everything back when the trend was really popular. I especially hate the peplum dresses and the shirts that have the bottom stick out at a ninety-degree angle.

6. Fold the page of a book or keep my place by placing it upside down.

I hate doing this. I hate it so much. I always feel like when I do this, I’m like ripping a piece of the book’s soul out. I have to use a bookmark. I can’t just dog-ear a book and be on with my life. I can’t just flip it over. The spine cries out to me. I blame Inkheart.

7. Betray a friend

Friends are life. I won’t betray them because betraying friends is mean and not nice.

8. Become an astronomer

I hate astronomy with a burning, fiery passion. In 6th grade, we did a year-long project on the Moon and it’s phases. We had to keep a moon journal. I hated the moon journal because it was always overcast at night. I also would always fall asleep during that IMAX Hubble movie that we always had to watch at every single school excursion to space museums and such.

9. Not breathe

I’m getting desperate and my friends suggested this one

10. Be in two places at once

Again, very very desperate. But yeah I doubt I’ll ever be in two places at one time.