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[Movie Review] Gone Girl

Just finished the movie today! I had a snow day so I didn’t have any school. I just sat down and watched it.

Keep in mind that I’m not at all certified to make statements about the film quality. My opinion is purely from the opinion of a reader and movie watcher.

I was really surprised by the movie’s portrayal of Amy. When I was reading the book, I didn’t get the feeling that she was as cold and detached as the movie version. I envisioned a completely different person. I thought a character that was difficult to read and hid her emotions really well. I thought that Amy would have acted more superficially cheerful and less calculative. Especially in the beginning of their marriage. I didn’t think that Amy would have acted so.. robotic. I honestly expected a bigger flip in personality than I saw in the movie. Nonetheless, I respect each actor’s portrayal of a character. Rosamund Pike’s version of Amy was just as believable as what I had pictured. But I do think that the journal writing was really well done. Is it weird if I liked watching her write in a notebook? I really liked her handwriting

I think this is the first Ben Affleck film I’ve watched but I already don’t like him. I didn’t really like his acting or the portrayal of Nick. Nick certainly came off as a douchebag but I didn’t really think that all levels of his character were communicated through the movie.

The romance was definitely messed up. No wait. I liked the romance. The proposal in the beginning of the movie was probably the cutest thing ever (although I don’t think it was in the book). The romance in the beginning, with the young love and dating was super cute. It contrasted really well with the end of their marriage. I think the emotions felt really suppressed during some parts but that might just be because I didn’t like the acting. Overall, the romance wasn’t mediocre. But it was the type of romance that made you want to punch the characters for being so stupid.

I agree, Amy.

Fave character in the movie was Go. I liked Go in the book and I really liked Go’s portrayal in the movie. Her character was a breath of fresh air, believable, and tough. She was supportive and realistic. I related to her character a lot. I think a lot of the things she said would make fantastic gifs and screencaps. I just wish that the relationship between Go and Nick hadn’t been as forced in the movie.

Pretty sure she had this moment at least five times in the movie. You and me both, Go. I just love her character.

Obviously the movie took some scenes from the book out; almost all book to movie adaptations have to. This book was about 400 pages long and the movie around 2 hours and 20 minutes long. If they had included everything, it would have been ridiculously long. The movie included nearly every important scene. It changed some stuff to make it shorter, or more understandable. But it was a really good adaptation. The tone was almost identical to what I was experiencing during the book.

The only thing I can say that I was a little bored throughout the movie. It was probably because I had read the book and knew exactly when everything was going to happen. The stuff that was supposed to be surprising wasn’t surprising at all. The ending, like in the book, felt a little anticlimatic but it was significantly more bearable.

So, overall, a pretty good adaptation! Reading the book helps someone understand the emotions and reasons behind the characters some more. In this case, I feel like it wouldn’t have mattered if I read the book or the movie first. It would all depend on if I prefer books or movies more. If I like reading more, then I read the book first because I don’t want to get spoiled and vice versa for the movie.

If I were to give this a rating, it’d be somewhere around 3-3.5 stars out of 5 (as a movie adaptation of a book, not necessarily film quality).

Blog and Life Update

If it’s not painfully obvious, I’ve had a little trouble with getting content up on my blog in the last two weeks.

The only explanation that I can guve you guys is that I’ve been in a long long reading slump. Like three week long reading slump. I think it’s because I’ve had a stream of 4-5 star books and as a result…. everything else hasn’t really appealed to me.

BUT! I’ve been actively trying to get myself out of it. I went to the library yesterday and I obtained some really exciting books (expect a stacking the shelves post this weekend!). An ARC came in the mail from NOVL and I started like 5 different books to help with the slump. Hopefully, by getting a fresh batch of books, I’ll be able to get back into the flow of reading.

In other news, I celebrated Chinese New Year and performed for the yearly show they had. I was in two dances, one of which was a cover of the dance below.

School has also been busy. I’ve started to focus on studying for the AP tests in May. I know it’s really early but I kind of suck at remembering history and I’m taking AP World… which has a lot of history. I’ve been watching a bunch of Crash Course (although I don’t like John Green) and making a lot of charts. So posts on here might be really infrequent for a while.

I’m hoping to get back on some semblance of a schedule in the next few weeks.

Life of a Blogger: Achievements

I’m not really sure what the boundaries for “Achievements” include. Does that include academic and extracurriculars? I’ll probably include just broad overviews.

In Elementary School

  • I used to figure skate. I was okay but I never committed enough to improve as quickly as I was allegedly said to be able to (my schedule was too busy) nor was I ever consistent. And consistency was key. But either way I was decent enough to have won a few medals for competitions nearby.
  • In (insert some grade between 3rd and 5th) I won the class spelling bee, and later, the school spelling bee. Of course, I lost in the district one because I didn’t study. I still considered myself decent because at least I had my g’s and j’s sorted out by then. This one unfortunate kid knew how to spell the word but said “j” instead.
  • I won the class election for Vice President (we considered the teacher the president) by writing a longer speech than my competitors with a bunch of claims like preventing bullying and helping students. It didn’t really matter because the VP didn’t do much either way. One of my friends was nominated but didn’t write a speech. She said that everybody should vote for her because she likes tacos. But hey at least I can say I won a seat in office at some point.

In Middle School

  • I somehow managed to just barely qualify in academic team events. I literally just took the tests for fun, accidentally qualified for subject tests (in Arts and Humanities if you were wondering), and proceeded to not study because I did not care. Somehow, I made it to state.
  • Create some of the worst science fair projects known to mankind. (I HATE SCIENCE FAIR WITH A BURNING FIERY PASSION)

Look I found this on Google Images and it is so funnily true.

  • Have the opportunity to compete nationally in Future Problem Solving.
  • Win way too many raffles at school.
  • Create a giant Rube Goldberg project that was theoretically supposed to work, but ended up not working. My entire group was disappointed.
  • Do NHD. Which is an achievement in of itself. (NHD stands for National History Day which is a year-long history project. Click on the picture below if you want to know more.)

I was going to use my 7th grade website as an example but well…. I can’t find it. So see my ugly 6th grade presentation instead

Displaying 2015-01-18 23.35.52.jpg

It’s so tacky. I can’t believe I thought it was good back then. Names have been removed for anonymity of my partner.

Recent Achievements

  • I won my first trophy at a Speech tournament last month!

Displaying 20150118_233009.jpg

  • I hit and surpassed 100 followers on this blog.
  • I managed to not completely fail my first semester of high school.
  • The school orchestra I’m in had re-seating and I got concert master.

Yes arm circle dance

I feel like there were probably more but I don’t actually remember them…. but what have you achieved recently?

Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.

This Weeks Topic: Bad Habits

I feel like all of the forces in the world are coming together to make sure that my bad habits are revealed to everybody before January has ended.

Last week, you guys learned that I’m embarrassingly clumsy for someone who dances. I remember another post that pretty much highlights all of my bad habits and things that I want to change. I literally can keep no secrets XD I guess it’s part of being a blogger.

Some really bad habits I have…..

  • Not putting my laundry away the week I get it.
  • Not practicing piano or other music instruments
  • Taking a nap as soon as I get home, resulting in late night homework catch-up sessions.
  • Waiting to take a shower at 1 in the morning, resulting in me having to sleep on wet hair ( I HATE SLEEPING ON WET HAIR)
  • Sticking loose papers from class into textbooks. It results in really ugly, crumpled papers.
  • Hoarding books
  • Sleeping way too late
  • Sleeping in way too late
  • Procrastinating on homework (like I am right now)
  • Putting off test studying
  • Not using lotion for days at a time.
  • Reading instead of studying

Well those are just some of them. What bad habits do you have?

Speech Tournament (1/10/15)

Yesterday I was at a Speech tournament all day. A normal tournament is exhausting enough, but this was a swing tournament which is twice as tiring. A swing tournament is pretty much two competitions at the same place. I went home at the end and collapsed.

Now usually, I wouldn’t talk about tournaments, but yesterday, I went to watch the finals for Prose, an event where the competitors need to present a piece of prose writing. I’m planning on picking up a prose as my second event (my first event is a Duo for those who were wondering).

As I watched the finals, I noticed that most of the pieces presented were memoirs of some sort. One girl presented The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (which really excited me because I loved that book). Someone else presented The Lost Boy, which was the sequel to A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer. Other presented memoirs included Fat Girl by Judith Moore and Amen, Amen, Amen by Abby Sher. It seems like the most common types of pieces are memoirs. It kind of disappoints me because I had been hoping that I could do a novel but it looks like the people that do the best pick memoirs. And not just regular memoirs. Really sad memoirs that require lots of angry screaming.

(But the best scream is from this)

Otherwise, I heard from a friend that someone presented Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick for their Dramatic Interpretation piece. In fact, the piece did so well that the competitor got first place in one of the tournaments. I’m probably going to pick up a Dramatic Interp as my first event next season.

Now I just feel like I should read more memoirs. It would certainly help with my Speech events.

2015 New Years Resolutions

2015-01-06 23.42.11

Let’s talk 2015 goals and resolutions.

2014 passed very very quickly and I, like most people, epically failed at trying to complete 50% of my resolutions. One of my goals was to drink more water. Did I succeed?

I made it halfway there.

I also had the goal to sleep more after watching a lovely ASAPScience video that made me fear for my brain health.

Even after becoming paranoid, that goal still died.

So this year I’m going to be realistic (or as realistic as I can be).

Non-Blog-Related Resolutions

The goal to drink more water still stands. I think it’s a manageable goal that I can probably stick to better than per say, trying to make sure I sleep at 10:00 every night.

Balance out my extracurricular activities and school. I really need to spend more time studying. AP tests are coming up soon and I’m screwed if I don’t study.

Actually do my Kumon before the night it’s due. Kumon is a type of educational extracurricular where you get extra homework to “enrich” your skills in reading or math. You get a packet a day for homework and I procrastinate so much that I finish it the Sunday before they’re due. It sucks. I need to stop doing that.

Become less ugly at times. I don’t mean “ugly” as in my face and body looks ugly (although I should probably exercise more than I do). I feel like last year I acted way too carefree, so much that I came off as mean. I don’t want to become really rude (although it might just be a combination of fatigue and frustration) and I want to develop more control.

Practice piano more. I’m horrible with practice. I need to practice a lot more.

Reading and Blog-Related Resolutions

I also want to try to make my reading more varied. The contemporary to horror ratio last year was just sad. It was like 15:1. I’m going to try to even that out more.

Not only am I going to vary my reading, I also will try to catch up on all the popular YA series. The Selection books, Mara Dyer, Throne of Glass, etc, etc. I really need to be able to understand and relate to those books posts more.

Follow and comment on more blogs. This is a goal that I want to try to instill but I barely have enough time to post on my own blog so this might have to be pushed back a little.

Post on my blog more regularly and try to schedule two weeks in advance. This is going to be one of the harder ones because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to manage this one. I have a tendency to finish the post at one in the morning and then scheduling it to go up five hours later. Obviously I’m not going to try to post everyday even if I would in an ideal world. It’s just not practical for me.

Have more variety, rather than a series of blog memes. I want to set my blog apart from other ones.

Write my reviews sooner. Write them as soon as I can. Or at least write part of it asap. I’m also trying to start writing down my thoughts as I read in a notebook so I can add more quotes and specific examples.

Blog more about my life. Reading is, in a way, part of my lifestyle. I want to make my blog a piece of my personality rather than just books (even if I love them). I know that some people don’t particularly care about it, but it’s kind of like a destresser for me.

I probably have more goals this year than just this. These are just a couple of the ideas that I came up with on the spot.

Life of a Blogger: Scars

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature made by Jessie at Novel Heartbeat that allows bloggers to talk about a certain topic of their life and to let their readers to know them on a more personal level.


Okay I’m done now (If you were wondering, the song is Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco)

This post is pretty much going to be an account of all of the really dumb things I’ve done before and how clumsy I am.

And do acne scars count? Because I have a TON of those.

I don’t know if it’s socially acceptable to post pictures of my scars on the internet, so I’ll uh refrain from that.

Exhibit A: These really deep scars I have on my shins.

They used to be kind of shiny but over time, they’ve faded to this kind of light brown. How did I get them you may ask?

I fell trying to get out of the shower. I had sprained my ankle and I was way too prideful to ask for help to step over the little blocky thing. We have this slide-door cell-shaped shower and on my attempt to get out, I tripped and landed right on the metal slide. Cue excessive pain as I see these hella deep cuts on both shins that line up.

Really embarrassing if you ask me because I could have avoided it if I wasn’t so dumb about the whole thing.

Exhibit B: Brown circle on the right side of my left calf.

Around 2nd grade, I slept with my lamp on all night. I was afraid of the dark and an itsy bitsy nightlamp did not help at all. Well somehow in the middle of the night I managed to kick/punch the lampshade off of the lamp. Then I somehow managed to get the lamp onto my bed, bare bulb and all. I woke up, not to a fire, but from the intense pain I had on that spot. I had burned my leg with my lamp.

I slept with all the lights off after that.

Exhibit C: Shiny brown scar on my left ankle

I don’t really remember when this happened but I was on a scooter but I fell on my left side and skinned my left ankle really badly. It wasn’t even a big cut it was just a small section that dragged over the concrete a lot. I went home, stuck a band-aid on it and all was well. Except for the scar it left behind.

Ones that I used to have that faded away

Yin-yang shaped scar on my right elbow

I was in orchestra. I was kind of half-jogging to get my instrument. My friend in the cello section decided it would be so funny to stick her foot out and trip me. I went flying, really badly skinning my right elbow all the while thinking that it was as fun as a roller-coaster. I got up, laughing and had this bleeding, tile-burn elbow. It probably would not have scarred if my friends hadn’t been evil enough to draw the lines that showed it as a yin-yang symbol. It opened up the scabs. Plus it was in the winter so my shirts kept pulling at it. Yay scars. You can still sort of see the lumpy parts but it’s mostly gone.

Brown spot on my left hipbone

I was at a speech tournament that my school was hosting. Some idiot from another school left their phone there. I ran after them trying to get ahold of them before their school left. It was dark. I didn’t see the sudden hill. I did this epic rolling thing that resulted in a skinned hipbone because my shirt rode up. It was fun but my hipbone hurt. And then since pants are dumb and rub against the scar, it didn’t heal properly and yay a scar. This one hasn’t faded yet but I dearly hope it does because it’s just sad if tripping resulted in a scar.

[Movie Review] Mockingjay Part 1

Although I’m not much of a Hunger Games fan, my dad had a few giftcards and free tickets, courtesy of work. We went to the movies on Christmas day and saw the matinee showing of Mockingjay Part 1. To be honest, I probably would have watched something different, like Big Hero 6 or Interstellar, but they weren’t playing them that day.

It was fun although I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have gotten a large popcorn. My brother and I were struggling to get through the whole tub, partly because it wasn’t very good popcorn. We sit down in the theater with one trailer to spare (It was the Insurgent trailer by the way) and the movie starts. (more…)

#TBTB Secret Santa!!!

#TBTB Secret Santa!

Over at The Broke and Bookish, they are doing a Secret Santa for any book lover that wants to join. Today was the deadline to enter and I was in turmoil on whether to join or not. In the end, I did, although I worried over if I sounded kind of bratty and annoying on my entry.

Some of the reasons I wanted to join were pretty simple if I do say so myself. I want to communicate with other bloggers. I want to receive book recommendations. I want to get feedback on my reviews, blog, and hopefully, make more acquaintances. I also think it’d be fun to put together some type of parcel for the other person.


[Movie Review] The Mazerunner

So I went to see The Mazerunner….

This is going to be one of like ten book-to-movie adaptations that I actually see somewhat around the time it comes out…… if a month after it comes out counts.

So my friend and I decided that to go to the movies last Saturday. Originally we were going to watch a horror movie called (insert name that sounds something like Azabelle Soapstone because this name is most surely incorrect). Unfortunately for her, the movie was out of theaters already. So instead, we went to see The Mazerunner, because as she said, “Dylan O’Brien is hot”. I’m totally up to see hot guys and the movie adaptation itself so I’m like “sure why not!”

Saturday morning, we went to this super nice coffee shop downtown called 3rd Street Stuff to get brunch. It was fabulous because omigod the coffee was amazing and the sandwich was pretty good too. We talked and caught up a bunch on life because this year, we don’t have too many classes together.

About an hour later, we went to the movies and got in. After watching a few trailers the movie started and I was really excited because the trailer for it had looked really really good. The maze and glade was animated really well and yes, the guys were hot (Ki Honglee and Thomas Brodie-Sangster~~~~). The movie itself wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, especially after hearing about how it was supposed to be better than most movie adaptations and how it was really good.

The Good Stuff

  1. Hot guys
  2. Setting is really well
  3. General concept of the book is followed
  4. People that are supposed to die, do die
  5. There are no stupid characters added in and they made sure to keep the important ones
  6. The Grievers aren’t how I pictured them, but at least they weren’t turned into wolves or something
  7. Newt and Chuck are my favorite in the movie because they are super adorbs
  8. Sets it up well for the next movie.
  9. No stupid cliffhanger scene
  10. Yay diversity! Not all of the characters were white.

The Not-So-Amazing Stuff

  1. Minho’s witty lines are nonexistent. His entire personality was kind of washed out. Hopefully, this will be changed in the next movie.
  2. Characterization of the characters isn’t really addressed
  3. No telepathy
  4. No suspense
  5. The Griever’s home/Maze exit isn’t on a cliff like it’s described in the book
  6. Teresa isn’t how I pictured AT ALL (okay this isn’t really a bad thing, this is purely my opinion)
  7. Death scene of Chuck was very anti-climatic
  8. I don’t remember Thomas rising to becoming someone of power in the book that quickly.
  9. I remember there being a lot of planning before they went to the cliff to escape but that might just be from The Death Cure.
  10. Lot’s of really low moments that could have been traded in lieu of higher action ones
  11. The plot goes by really fast. Some parts feel airbrushed, but it’s a movie and it’s kind of expected.

Overall it really wasn’t too bad of a movie. It’s certainly better than the abomination that was the Percy Jackson movies but it wasn’t as good as the adaptation of The Hunger Games.