TBTB Secret Santa: Almost Ready to Mail


This has been a really fun experience in my opinion! I’m definitely going to try to participate next year and maybe then, I’ll have enough YA knowledge to make book recommendations and even better gifts.

This time around, I feel like I played it too safe and got gifts that felt a little generic. But maybe I’m okay? I’m not too sure.

I found that a lot of things my parents brought back from Asia were great gifts for a bookish Secret Santa. But I’m afraid that it might look like I immigrated here from there, when in reality, I’ve lived in Kentucky for nearly my whole life.

Some Things that I’ve Learned

1. Don’t order Secret Santa books off of the internet. Always buy them in the store because then you can guarantee that the book won’t be damaged.

2. I suck at wrapping presents with tissue paper. I always use too much tape.

3. Always use the shiny tape. The matte tape looks awful on wrapping paper.

3. Cylindrical objects are a b*tch to wrap.

4. Always write small notes about the gift BEFORE you wrap. Then it doesn’t look ratchet when you try to tape them onto the package.

5. My mother does not understand unique obsessions while I think that there is nothing wrong with them.

6. It’s really hard trying to wrap things on a bed.

7. A small box can fit a lot of stuff

8. My new phone has an awful focus on it’s camera

I’m nearly done with everything and I’m sending it off tomorrow!

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Blog Update [2]

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been posting very many reviews lately. I have been reading a lot but I haven’t had time to review them. I have a couple half-written but they aren’t my best work.

So here’s what my plan is.

I will pick a few of the books and write full length reviews. For the rest, I will write a big post with mini-reviews. I’m 8 books behind on reviewing so I’m thinking I’ll do a ratio of 4-4 or 5-3. For the books that have half-written reviews, I will try to finish and improve them.

I posted my reviews of The Pandora Chronicles: Book 1 and The 5th Wave last Friday.

It depends on what I have time to write. And it’ll be quite difficult for me because the end of the semester is close and finals are going to kill me. I’ll try my best though!

Also, my birthday recently passed, so I will also make a post about the bookish and non-bookish things I received. It will also include a Stacking the Shelves tag and the items I received from my Secret Santa! I received my package a few days ago and I feel so thankful for what she gave me.

I’ll also be making a post about the gift I’m sending to my person/victim/receiver/idk. While I won’t be showing the gifts I got, I will talk about the process of shopping and such. I have yet to mail my package but I will. I swear it’s not because I’ve forgotten. It’s just that life has been a little hectic recently.

Life of a Blogger: Where I Live

Let’s just say I live in the contiguous USA. I live in the east.

I shall give you some clues. Some of them are dead giveaways.

– The state I live in was a border state during the Civil War.

– People from my state are stereotypically believed to be country hicks who don’t wear shoes.

– We have horses.

– We have grass.

– Errr coal is a main export?

– The state I live in is the only state in the USA that allows people into their legislative building.

– Cumberland!

– My state has the longest underground cave in the world.

– Abraham Lincoln

– Henry Clay

If you haven’t guessed it by now……

I live in Kentucky. It has pretty mild weather and oh my dear lord it’s so small. But technically, the city I live in isn’t even counted as small. It’s actually one of the more urbanized cities.

But you know that your city is behind when you go out of state for a competition and don’t recognize half of the music they play. Why? Because it hasn’t hit Kentucky.

Apparently, people don’t even know the Cotton-eyed Joe dance. According to some people, it’s because they play it for the kids that live in rural areas XD

The weather here is insane. In the morning, it’ll be hot but then at the night it’ll be really freaking cold. Or it’ll be snowing one day and sunny the next. The weather needs to make up it’s mind.

We got our first H&M and Urban Outfitters this year. Those are like staple stores for big cities and we JUST got them. Now, the last thing I want here is an Ikea.

Well onto my house… I guess.

I’m not inserting a picture of my house. No. I am paranoid about internet stalkers and I do not fancy being kidnapped by dangerous people.

My house is… pretty big? It has two stories, not including a basement, and a pretty large backyard. It’s made of….. uh.. bricks? And wood? And other construction materials?

(Guess who’s not becoming a construction worker? *raises hand*)

We had a garden in our backyard but I’m pretty sure my parents are going to get rid of it next season. Nobody ever manages it after seeds are planted.

Notable fact: My room has light purple walls. Like yes. I’ve always loved them.

My room has a really weird shape. If i could pick a shape for it, I’d say a heptagon. Because I literally have seven walls because the room is so oddly shaped. It’s pretty annoying when I want to stick a laundry hamper behind the door or something because I just can’t. I don’t have room for it to fit un-awkwardly.

I love it anyways.

Life of a Blogger: Thanksgiving Traditions

As a Chinese-American, I never really got to experience the traditional, yearly Thanksgiving celebration. My family never really did American holidays.

So I can’t really say that I have any Thanksgiving traditions.

At most, we would attend a house party (most likely Asian) and gorge ourselves on food. We’d stay late and hang out with other people. Some years, we’d invite somebody over to eat. Last year, my parents invited a family that was moving. We had a slightly more extravagant dinner than usual, but it was still very low-key.

In other news, my birthday falls around Thanksgiving. And depending on the year, it was really nice. There was always a chance that there would be no school and I could just spend the day relaxing at home.

I’d look forward to my birthday rather than Thanksgiving because it meant I had an excuse to be lazy.

“Hey Kelly! You should do this work!”
“It’s my birthday! I don’t have to!”

Yay bad excuses!

Every Thanksgiving morning, I’d wake up and see my mom “watching” the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV. It felt kind of like the 4th of July and Easter. It was a holiday, but it wasn’t really something we celebrated. Thanksgiving was more of a day where my parents sit at the table and look through store catalogs for Black Friday deals. Then we sleep. Then I wake up and see my parents coming back from the store with loads of random stuff.

The most notable random, useless object I think they’ve ever bought was the Shark Sweeper thing. Some floor steaming device to clean floors? Not sure. I just know that nobody ever uses it. I’m not sure they even know how to use it.

It’s this thing

When I was younger, I suppose I could say that a tradition was that I’d make a huge deal out of Thanksgiving. I’d wake up and be like “HAPPY THANKSGIVING MOM AND DAD!”

And they’d just kind of blankly stare at me before replying, “Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you to!”

They are much less bland in person XD

Nowadays, for me, Thanksgiving is just another day, but what Thanksgiving traditions do you celebrate?

Life of a Blogger: 10 Things I’ll Never Do

I was debating on whether or not to begin doing this post because it’s more about me, the blogger, rather than just books but I enjoy blogging about life. And me. So yes, I decided to begin to participate in this weekly feature.

It’s an interesting feature where every week, bloggers are given a topic to write about. This way, readers can learn more about the personality behind the blog. It’s hosted by Novel Heartbeat weekly.


I’m actually a pretty bold person. I don’t really care if I look like a complete idiot as long as it isn’t in front of somebody that I’m trying to impress. (Which by the way, is almost never. Sometimes it results in me looking like an idiot in front of teachers)

Obviously I’m never going to do some really stupid stuff. Like doing drugs. Or becoming an alcoholic. But somehow, I doubt that this is what the feature is supposed to be about.

So thinking of this stuff might be kind of difficult.

And might result in some seriously dumb stuff.

1. Plastic Surgery

This kind of falls under stuff that I find stupid, but I know that a lot of people use plastic surgery as a kind of healing after injuries. Er that didn’t really make sense but I mean that some people might use it to help reform injured body parts. However, the type of plastic surgery I’m referring to is intentional body modification because of low self-esteem.

Yeah I have small eyes. But I’m not going to get double-eyelid surgery just because of it.

2. Open my own clothing company

I can’t sew. I literally can’t do anything related to string. I love clothes. I love fashion. But if I try to make anything, the end result is so horrendous I kind of want to burn it.

Lovely attempts at knitting have resulted in lumpy scarves (that are not of a constant width).

I tried making friendship bracelets once. Instead I “cursed” these other people from making good ones because I didn’t want to give bad instructions. XD My friendship bracelets are the epitome of ugly-as-f*ck.

I tried to sew a dress thing for a costume project. I cut it too short. The stitches were visible. It was so ugly.

And no, I am NOT attaching pictures.

3. Join a clique

Some of my friends might find this completely untrue, but I identify myself as an introvert. I will never ever join a clique or a friend group with 5+ people. I feel uncomfortable and in all seriousness, how are you ever supposed to develop a feeling of trust with all of them? Half the time you get talked over. Plus, for me, maintaining good relationships with all of them would make me so tired.

4. Date somebody who doesn’t know what they want

After a complete fail of an attempt at “dating” in 7th grade (which, by the way, I don’t even count as dating. I just describe it as such for lack of better term), I have realized that dating when you have no clue what you want is stupid. Well it’s not even that. Dating when you don’t even know what dating is, is stupid.

Dating is not just sitting together at lunch or texting.

Dating is more than that. I don’t know when people started to develop the delusion that sitting together at lunch is “dating”.

Dating when you don’t even like your “significant other” is also dumb.

I’m sorry if I’m offending anybody. It’s just that I find it kind of ridiculous that so many people “date” when they can’t even go somewhere alone with another person.

So yeah, if I’m going to date somebody, I have to 1) know that I like them 2) know that they are willing to commit and 3) not have to deal with some bs on/off relationship drama.

5. Wear peplum

I hate peplum anything with a burning fiery passion.

And if you don’t know what it is…….

It’s not even the shirt. It was just seeing girls parade around in peplum everything back when the trend was really popular. I especially hate the peplum dresses and the shirts that have the bottom stick out at a ninety-degree angle.

6. Fold the page of a book or keep my place by placing it upside down.

I hate doing this. I hate it so much. I always feel like when I do this, I’m like ripping a piece of the book’s soul out. I have to use a bookmark. I can’t just dog-ear a book and be on with my life. I can’t just flip it over. The spine cries out to me. I blame Inkheart.

7. Betray a friend

Friends are life. I won’t betray them because betraying friends is mean and not nice.

8. Become an astronomer

I hate astronomy with a burning, fiery passion. In 6th grade, we did a year-long project on the Moon and it’s phases. We had to keep a moon journal. I hated the moon journal because it was always overcast at night. I also would always fall asleep during that IMAX Hubble movie that we always had to watch at every single school excursion to space museums and such.

9. Not breathe

I’m getting desperate and my friends suggested this one

10. Be in two places at once

Again, very very desperate. But yeah I doubt I’ll ever be in two places at one time.

Blog Update

Blog Update

Hey guys! I’ve kind of abandoned the “blog about my life” part of this blog and I kind of want to revive it. My original want for this blog was for it to be a lifestyle/book/everything blog where I could pretty much talk about anything I wanted to. Obviously, it ended up deviating towards the book part which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m thinking about making my life-blogging more of a weekly thing.

Anyways, I know I’ve been kind of absent in the past few weeks. I know I post stuff every now and then, but having twoish posts a week is NOT okay in my book. I feel bad if I don’t post anything after three days (which has happened many times sorry!). What I feel especially bad about is that the lack of reviews isn’t because I haven’t had time to read. It’s because I finish them and then I don’t review them. I like to think about my opinion for at least a day before posting because sometimes I’m blinded by feels or hate and can’t make a really good review. I don’t think anybody wants to read a review where I’m keyboard smashing about how much I loved a book if said book has some errors that can affected the overall rating.

And I know that I did pretty good this week in terms of posts, but what I’m talking about is my bad habit of having some really good posts one week, but then having like one post the next. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Well because of that, I have a queue of like five books I need to review which is a problem because I should really return them to the library because book hoarding is not healthy. But then I don’t want to return them because well.. I need to review them. So yeah this is something that’s been gnawing at my conscience lately. If you’re interested, those books are Noggin, Don’t Look Back, Across the Universe, Saving Francesca, and The Blood of Olympus.

In other news, I’ve been meaning to make a Stacking the Shelves post buuuuuut well I’m too lazy to actually arrange and take a picture of the ginormous stack of books I checked out from the library. It’ll go up eventually. Expect a post with like thirty books in it.

Part of the reason that I’ve been kind of slacking off is because well…. I kind of started to marathon the episodes of a kdrama this weekend. I was originally going to make this weekend a catch-up for my blog so I could finish up all those reviews. Well I started watching episode 11 of “My Love From the Stars” and that goal went flying out the window. Maybe I’ll write a review for it. But I’m going to make sure that I write it after I write those book reviews. (I’m halfway through a review for Saving Francesca)

*Coughs I finished the drama this weekend*

If you haven’t noticed, I get distracted really easily.

It’s the reason I don’t finish homework really quickly.

Liebster Award Nomination

~Liebster Award Nomination~

I wasn’t expecting this at all (I literally made this two months ago), but I was nominated by Danielle of Stories Unfolded for the Liebster award! Thank you for nominating my blog! 🙂

From what I’ve seen, it’s an award, taggy thing for blogs with less than 200 followers.

This tag also made me realize exactly how anti-social I am, even on the internet. I sort of feel more motivated to read other people’s book blogs now.

The Rules

Link and thank the blogger that nominated you

Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you

Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers

Ask the 11 nominated bloggers 11 questions and tell them you’ve nominated them

Danielle’s Questions

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one book, what would that book be?

This question is pure evil. Would it count if I duct tape a bunch of books together so that it’s technically “one” book? How about one of those huge bindups of a whole series?

In all seriousness, it would have to be something really long. At least 400 pages minimum (preferably longer) because if it were any shorter, I’d finish the book really fast and I’d get sick of rereading it so many times. Hm. Maybe The Diviners because that book is hella long. Or Harry Potter. Maybe Les Miserables? I haven’t read it and it’s really long.

Q: What’s your favorite part of going to a bookstore?

That moment when I get my mom to cave and buy me more than one book (I’m a broke teenager okay?). I’ll walk over to her with this 10-book tall stack of books and she’ll just look at me with this expression that’s like “are you serious?” And then she’ll just say, “No.” And I’ll pout and try to eliminate books.

Q: What are you currently reading?

I’m one of those people that simultaneously read like six books. When I’m in the mood to read a different genre, I’ll end up picking up another book when I’m not finished with the ones I’m reading. The problem with this is that I end up having a lot of books that I need to review because I end up finishing all of them at the same time. It’s a bad habit.

I’m currently reading….

Don’t Look Back – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Noggin – John Corey Whaley

Otherbound – Corrine Duyvis

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Pandora Chronicles – Ryan Attard

I’m about to start To Kill a Mockingbird for school and I’m super psyched. I actually haven’t read it (shameful, I know) and the converging stories in the book are something I’m looking forward to.

Q: What book from your childhood has stuck with you the most?

Well seeing as I’m still in highschool…… I guess I’ll just name some books that I remember really clearly from Elementary school. Sharon Creech was one of my favorite authors and I absolutely loved Walk Two Moons but I can’t really say that it “stuck” with me. When You Reach Me was a book that I remembered really liking because trying to think through all of the plot aspects gave me a headache. Time travel hurts my head but it’s so cool at the same time.

Q: What book has had the largest impact on your life?

Well…. seeing that, after one question, I’m still in highschool…… I’m not too sure what has overall had the biggest impact. I haven’t really encountered a book that’s made me reflect on my life (I really hope I find that book soon though) but I have read books that make me flail and fangirl all over the place. The biggest changes that happen to me are often the result of some type of important event that makes me realize how I should begin to act rather than the books I read.

Q: What is a book from your childhood that you absolutely want to read to your children?

If we’re talking picture books….. ANYTHING BUT A BAD CASE OF THE STRIPES. That book scared me so much as a kid. It still scares me. Like a disease caused by not eating lima beans that makes you all stripy?

It’s terrifying

If we’re talking chapter books…… Definitely A Tale of Desperaux and Savvy. Ooooh and The Witch of Blackbird Pond because I loved that book.

Q: What is the most books you’ve read in a single week?

Oh shoot… I never count this type of stuff. Uh if I guesstimate…. I’d probably say around 6-7 books.

Q: What’s your favorite quote from a book?

Another thing that I never do. I have so many bad book habits it’s ridiculous. I’ll write down a quote I like and then I’ll never remember it because I’ll throw away the paper. Or I’ll write down the page number and then never go find it again. If it makes you feel any better, it’s not going to be some ridiculous cheesy jargon *cough John Green*. It’s definitely going to be some philosophical stuff or the really simple ones that are kind of heart-breaking.

Q: What literary character do you most identify with?

I probably would identify most with…… er….. the laidback best-friend cliche character to be honest. I find myself being one of the most laidback about most things out of all of my friends and sometimes, I end up being the unwilling psychiatrist for some of them. So yeah, the cliche vent-bag best friend. I guess, if I’m going to pick a specific character from a book like this, it would have to be Raffy from Jellicoe Road (I’m pretty sure you guys all saw that coming). She’s super chill, kind of shallow at times, but also a really good friend to Taylor.

Q: What’s your favorite movie adaptation of a book?

I haven’t watched one that I’ve liked enough to warrant as my “favorite”.

99% of movie adaptations suck.

(#1 example is the Percy Jackson adaptations. I just. No.)

Q: Who is your favorite author and why?

Hmmm….. I really like Libba Bray and Barry Lyga.

I liked Libba Bray a lot before but The Diviners cemented her as one of my faves. Barry Lyga is just fantastic. I really loved his characterization in I Hunt Killers.

(This question is kind of predictable too XD)

My Questions

1. What was the last book that made you cry?

2. What is a really underrated book that you would love to see on the big screen? Why?

3. What is something in a book that has to be well-done for you to like it? (For me, it’s characterization.) Is it plot, setting, characters, etc?

4. Is there a book that you consider your guilty pleasure? If so, why?

5. What is your favorite book setting? (Stuff like this -> Fantasy AU, Boarding School, Hollywood, New York, Foreign Countries, etc.)

6. What is a book that you want to read purely for the cover?

7. Is there a book that you’ve tried to read innumerable times but have never been able to finish? What is it?

8. What is your OTP (One True Pairing)?

9. Why and when did you start your book blog?

10. If you estimate, what is most books you’ve ever checked out from your library?

11. What is your favorite type of post to write for your blog?

I’m tagging these lovely people

(P.S.) If you’ve already done this tag, it’s fine! I’m not going to force you to do it again. And if you have more than 200 followers and haven’t done it…. well….. you should do it anyways 😉 Tags are fun!

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[Movie Review] The Mazerunner

So I went to see The Mazerunner….

This is going to be one of like ten book-to-movie adaptations that I actually see somewhat around the time it comes out…… if a month after it comes out counts.

So my friend and I decided that to go to the movies last Saturday. Originally we were going to watch a horror movie called (insert name that sounds something like Azabelle Soapstone because this name is most surely incorrect). Unfortunately for her, the movie was out of theaters already. So instead, we went to see The Mazerunner, because as she said, “Dylan O’Brien is hot”. I’m totally up to see hot guys and the movie adaptation itself so I’m like “sure why not!”

Saturday morning, we went to this super nice coffee shop downtown called 3rd Street Stuff to get brunch. It was fabulous because omigod the coffee was amazing and the sandwich was pretty good too. We talked and caught up a bunch on life because this year, we don’t have too many classes together.

About an hour later, we went to the movies and got in. After watching a few trailers the movie started and I was really excited because the trailer for it had looked really really good. The maze and glade was animated really well and yes, the guys were hot (Ki Honglee and Thomas Brodie-Sangster~~~~). The movie itself wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, especially after hearing about how it was supposed to be better than most movie adaptations and how it was really good.

The Good Stuff

  1. Hot guys
  2. Setting is really well
  3. General concept of the book is followed
  4. People that are supposed to die, do die
  5. There are no stupid characters added in and they made sure to keep the important ones
  6. The Grievers aren’t how I pictured them, but at least they weren’t turned into wolves or something
  7. Newt and Chuck are my favorite in the movie because they are super adorbs
  8. Sets it up well for the next movie.
  9. No stupid cliffhanger scene
  10. Yay diversity! Not all of the characters were white.

The Not-So-Amazing Stuff

  1. Minho’s witty lines are nonexistent. His entire personality was kind of washed out. Hopefully, this will be changed in the next movie.
  2. Characterization of the characters isn’t really addressed
  3. No telepathy
  4. No suspense
  5. The Griever’s home/Maze exit isn’t on a cliff like it’s described in the book
  6. Teresa isn’t how I pictured AT ALL (okay this isn’t really a bad thing, this is purely my opinion)
  7. Death scene of Chuck was very anti-climatic
  8. I don’t remember Thomas rising to becoming someone of power in the book that quickly.
  9. I remember there being a lot of planning before they went to the cliff to escape but that might just be from The Death Cure.
  10. Lot’s of really low moments that could have been traded in lieu of higher action ones
  11. The plot goes by really fast. Some parts feel airbrushed, but it’s a movie and it’s kind of expected.

Overall it really wasn’t too bad of a movie. It’s certainly better than the abomination that was the Percy Jackson movies but it wasn’t as good as the adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Long Walks Home and Heels

Today was picture day and everybody knows that picture day is the devil’s spawn. Almost nobody EVER looks good in school pictures, especially after those pesky braces destroyed the chances of ever having a nice smile ever again. To this day, the braces I got on in 4th grade and off in 8th grade have taken my original smile and beaten it with a club.

And is it just me, or does skin just decide to break out like one or two days before picture day? It’s happened for me like three years in a row now or something.

The only positive thing about picture day is that I can have an excuse to dress up. Not everybody might like dressing up, but I do. I think it’s a chance for me to try out the nicer style options that are out there without looking overdressed on a regular day.

I already knew what I was going to wear that day and I decided that “What the heck. I’ll wear those cute sneaker wedges I got.” I think it’s fun to try to stand out with edgy fashion choices.

I really should have planned ahead.

I had my outfit planned a good three days before picture day. So when a club meeting for a new one came up, I decided to go on a whim and it in no way crossed my mind to change what I was going to wear. I figured that since my mom said that she could pick me up, it wouldn’t be a problem for my feet. (Usually I ride the bus home) Obviously, it wasn’t going to work out.

I can do fine with heels compared to other girls of my age. The entire day, my feet were absolutely fine. That was, until I decided to be stupid enough to walk home from school after the club meeting because my mom wouldn’t pick up any of my twenty phone calls.

I had way too much pride. I refused to succumb to the pain of wearing heels and walking barefooted like my comrades might. And so the thirty minute walk became a forty to fifty minute one. I didn’t acknowledge my poor feet. I kept chanting, in my head, “Beauty is pain. Beauty is pain. You’re almost there,” when I most certainly was not anywhere close.

I finally gave up on my pride when I was going to walk into my neighborhood. It was way too late to save my feet by then. The balls of my feet had blistered to the point that I hadn’t even noticed when another one had formed from the heels. I staggered home, masking the very obvious appearance of someone who had made a poor choice of shoe-wear and collapsed, yanking my socks off to examine the appearance of my blisters.

One was in the shape of a heart, the other in the shape of a lopsided maple leaf. Go Canada.

I soaked my feet in hot water (didn’t help much) and got a painful lovely foot massage forced on me by my mother. Gotta love that motherly love.

Yes I took pictures. One was shaped like a heart! You can’t blame me for thinking that it’s picture-worthy.

I’m not attaching the picture of my other foot. The maple leaf looked kind of nasty. Sorry if the appearance of my feet offends you.

Is it sad if I thought the heart-shaped blister was cool?


I think I’m going to have trouble walking at school tomorrow.

Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting at My Lunch Table

Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be

Sitting At My Lunch Table

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday, participating book bloggers blog about their top ten lists.

Okay so I probably follow way too many book blogs and decided that I should participate in some of these book memes because A. it’d help me post more without requiring me to spend all of my time reading (not that I’m complaining) and B. because it’s sound super fun.

Anyways, at school I’d always stick with my Asian friends during lunch. I swear I’m not prejudiced, it’s just that most of the other kids were a little bit high-strung. The drama they had was ridiculous, and since I was trying to stay out of it, I didn’t really hang out with them. Thus, the reason that most of my lunch buddies were Asian. Nowadays, at lunch, since the cliques of drama have split due to the transfer to high school, I sit with a more diverse group because most drama was been alleviated.

The kinda sad thing is that now that I look back on all of the characters that I adore in a book, most, if not all of them are angsty or kind of a jerk which makes picking hard because I don’t want mean characters to be at my lunch table! But I will think very hard to find a character that isn’t that bad. I might not be able to think of ten but I’ll try!

1. Nico DiAngelo from the Percy Jackson Series

The first of the angsty characters that I adore. I read this series about when I was in 4th grade but I never really finished the series until I was probably in 6th grade. Either way, I was young enough, and forgetful enough, to actually think the first Percy Jackson movie was good. It’s a really embarrassing confession. I have always loved Nico. Even though he goes through that angry stage around books 3/4, by the time the Heroes of Olympus series rolled around, he became the coolest character. Yes, I’m heavily opinionated but that’s okay right? I’d want him at my lunch table because I’d really really want to get to know him, even if he wouldn’t want to know me, but let me dream okay?

(I refuse to insert that terrible picture that the publishing company produced to represent Nico.)

2. Evie from The Diviners

This book. I adored The Diviners when I read it. Evie was so sassy and I know that she would be so much fun at a lunch table. She knows how to have fun, how to dress, how to make life a little more interesting. She is the definition of fabulous. She might be in the wrong time period, but I suspect that she would treat it like an adventure. She could bring me a souvenir like a flapper dress or one of those fancy feathered headpieces.

3. Day from Legend

I don’t think I need an explanation for this. Day is fab. Day is hot. Day is the best. Day is ambidextrous (which equals AWESOME). We could become besties if he sat at my lunch table. He could tell me the stories of his journeys in Legend. He could show off his cool athletic tricks.

4. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss

Anna is super fun and I think I’d have a blast if she was at my lunch table. She was so cheerful and even if she does kind of support the white girl stereotype at times, I don’t really care. She’s friendly and funny and I would LOVE IT if she dragged me off to watch some movies. Life would be more colorful if everybody at the table was different anyways.

5. Luna and Hermione from the Harry Potter books

I feel the need to add some more intelligence to the list so far. Hermione would be able to add tidbits of knowledge and debate about modern day issues. Lunch debates are always the best and I’d learn so much from her. Plus I could ask her to Accio my lost objects to me and help me study for quizzes.

Luna is just a unique character that is deserving of being at my lunch table. I’d enjoy having her quirkiness and kindness at my table.

6. Magnus from the Mortal Instruments Series

Magnus is fab and I’ve always wanted a cool gay/bisexual friend. He’s one half of the amazing ship Malec and his glitter, warlock-ness, and wardrobe alone justify having him at my lunch table. He’s the best conversationalist and we could totally talk about fashion.

7. Ben and Rafaela from Jellicoe Road

Ben was my favorite character in this book. He was quirky and funny and omigod I don’t even know why I loved him so much because he wasn’t even the main character. His dry, sarcastic humor was something I absolutely loved in the book. And Rafaela…. that girl was such a great friend to Taylor. She was funny and amazing and I absolutely loved her.

Actually, let me just say that I’d want the entire cast of that book to be at my lunch table.

8. Ally from Every Soul a Star

I loved this book. This book defined my childhood and was the peak of my 4th grade. Ally and Jack were probably the first couple I remember shipping and the book was just really really good. Even though she might be a little young, it’s been fourish years, so she must be grown up by now (okay these reasons are terrible but it’s alright right?). I love Wendy Mass’s writing so you guys should all go check out her writing!

That makes ten if you count all characters I have listed! What book characters would you want at your lunch table?