Dancing Through the Pages is One Year Old~!

So it’s been a year.

I just need to calm down and think about that statement. I’ve always been incredibly dedicated to the things I’ve done (Okay maybe not always. I didn’t know how to do it when I was a kid) but it’s still amazing that I’ve been able to keep this thing chugging along for so long. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually be able to keep it going until I’m hitting my second, third, fourth, TENTH (okay that’s a bit ambitious) anniversary! I started this when I was 14 and now I’m 15 (that comparison doesn’t work when it’s only been one year) and I absolutely love how much my blog has grown.

My earliest posts are the ugliest things ever. I was so proud of my first reviews and how much I gushed over Jellicoe Road. But now that I look back on it, I’m actually very horrified with the disorganization of my reviews. I can even see improvement by looking at reviews from half a year ago. I thought that I had to post every day and the stress was so real guys. I made the dumb decision to make a blog in my freshman year of high school. WHO DOES THAT? me, obviously

I’m always hoping to improve and better my blog so honestly, seeing any improvement makes me really happy! Slowly, I’m seeing my posts become more consistent in quality, less forced, with a little more color!

As always, I couldn’t have continued blogging if I hadn’t been able to meet so many amazing people! I hit 200 followers this morning (amazing like omg why are you even interested in my word vomit???) and for some reason, forty-something twitter followers (Seriously though. Why is anyone following me there? I rarely tweet anything!)! I’ve had some ups and downs with my blogging (that month-long hiatus though jeez) and have, for the most part, established some type of “schedule” with the blogging.

In this year, I’ve published around 200 posts! I’ve learned so much in this one year of blogging and I’m happy to learn even more in the future. I have a couple of ideas and things that I want to add on to my blog soon but it’s taking a little longer for me to actually find time to implement them.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to host a giveaway (much as I want to) because I’m broke and I don’t want my parents to have to fund my blog. I mean, I already ask them to buy me $1 books from Goodwill and Half-Price Books! It’s technically a hobby….. so maybe one day in the future, when I actually can fund my own blog, I’ll have a fabulous book giveaway! How’s that sound?

So in conclusion, while I’m not as huge and famous as some other well-known book bloggers, I’m happy with what growth I’ve had! It’s rewarding to blog and meet other people.

So yeah, this is a super rushed post (I need to go back and do homework and study for a Spanish quiz like asap UGH SCHOOL) and I’m sorry that I couldn’t make this more eloquent or even properly edited but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting me with what I’ve done on my blog so far! 🙂