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Final Words: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This is the last post of the 10 in this ongoing series about Gone Girl. I hope it wasn’t too annoying to all of you guys and I’m sorry if you were accidentally spoiled. But if you liked it, comment below and tell me what part of the project you enjoyed reading!

I’m glad that I picked Gone Girl as a a book for my book project. There was a lot of depth and great use of literary devices that were fun to analyze. I loved the writing and use of the unreliable narrator. And like I said before, it appealed to my love of crime novels.

I think that some of my favorite band’s songs matched up really well with some of the book’s themes, especially the ones relating to toxic love. Halestorm is one of my favorite bands of all time. The lead singer, Lzzy Hale, has a fantastic voice and the band has a really tough sound that I adore.

Their song, “Mz. Hyde” matches PERFECTLY with Amy’s personality.

Lyrics here:

First of all, I’d like to address that Amy was a highly unreliable narrator. We are initially given the idea that she is the fun-loving, naive wife. She’s optimistic and cheerful. She doesn’t push her husband and he doesn’t expect her to. Then the second half of the novel begins. Her personality is revealed to be so much scarier than she really is. Along with Nick, we learn that Amy is a scary psychopath that really doesn’t feel any remorse. She wants revenge and she wants it bad.

But this two-faced character isn’t what made me think that this song was good for her personality.

These lyrics fit fantastically with her personality:

I can be the bitch,
I can play the whore,
Or your fairytale princess who could ask for more.
A touch of wicked,
A pinch of risqué,
Good girl gone bad, my poison is your remedy

During the novel, Amy talks about how she always puts on personas. She can play the “cool girl”. She can be the loving, doting girl. She talks about how she would love to use the “tough, abused girl” persona during her hideaway. I can completely imagine Amy singing this song in warning to Nick. It’s literally the perfect song for her.

Okay I need to go back to wrapping this project up.

Gone Girl was a super fun book to read. I can see myself rereading it a few years from now (not any time soon because I just did an entire project on it). The movie was pretty good in comparison to the multitude of other book to adaptations that have flopped. The characters were great and the plot was interesting.

If you want to read the posts from this project, they’re all linked below with short recaps!

Before I started to read the book, I talked about what I expected from the book, hype, and things my friends told me.

When  I got about 42% into the book, I blogged about my first impressions and predictions.

When  I finished, I felt a little disappointed and gave an idea of what I felt about the end.

Then I reviewed the book.

Yay movies! I watched the movie adaption and reviewed it.

I noticed that there was a lot of irony used in the book, so I talked about the uses.

I talked a little bit about the difficulty and use of dual perspectives.

I analyzed and compared all the ugly relationships that Amy had.

And finally, although this book had a lot of themes, I talked about why I think feminism is NOT one of them.

That’s all! Hope you liked reading about Gone Girl!

[Movie Review] Gone Girl

Just finished the movie today! I had a snow day so I didn’t have any school. I just sat down and watched it.

Keep in mind that I’m not at all certified to make statements about the film quality. My opinion is purely from the opinion of a reader and movie watcher.

I was really surprised by the movie’s portrayal of Amy. When I was reading the book, I didn’t get the feeling that she was as cold and detached as the movie version. I envisioned a completely different person. I thought a character that was difficult to read and hid her emotions really well. I thought that Amy would have acted more superficially cheerful and less calculative. Especially in the beginning of their marriage. I didn’t think that Amy would have acted so.. robotic. I honestly expected a bigger flip in personality than I saw in the movie. Nonetheless, I respect each actor’s portrayal of a character. Rosamund Pike’s version of Amy was just as believable as what I had pictured. But I do think that the journal writing was really well done. Is it weird if I liked watching her write in a notebook? I really liked her handwriting

I think this is the first Ben Affleck film I’ve watched but I already don’t like him. I didn’t really like his acting or the portrayal of Nick. Nick certainly came off as a douchebag but I didn’t really think that all levels of his character were communicated through the movie.

The romance was definitely messed up. No wait. I liked the romance. The proposal in the beginning of the movie was probably the cutest thing ever (although I don’t think it was in the book). The romance in the beginning, with the young love and dating was super cute. It contrasted really well with the end of their marriage. I think the emotions felt really suppressed during some parts but that might just be because I didn’t like the acting. Overall, the romance wasn’t mediocre. But it was the type of romance that made you want to punch the characters for being so stupid.

I agree, Amy.

Fave character in the movie was Go. I liked Go in the book and I really liked Go’s portrayal in the movie. Her character was a breath of fresh air, believable, and tough. She was supportive and realistic. I related to her character a lot. I think a lot of the things she said would make fantastic gifs and screencaps. I just wish that the relationship between Go and Nick hadn’t been as forced in the movie.

Pretty sure she had this moment at least five times in the movie. You and me both, Go. I just love her character.

Obviously the movie took some scenes from the book out; almost all book to movie adaptations have to. This book was about 400 pages long and the movie around 2 hours and 20 minutes long. If they had included everything, it would have been ridiculously long. The movie included nearly every important scene. It changed some stuff to make it shorter, or more understandable. But it was a really good adaptation. The tone was almost identical to what I was experiencing during the book.

The only thing I can say that I was a little bored throughout the movie. It was probably because I had read the book and knew exactly when everything was going to happen. The stuff that was supposed to be surprising wasn’t surprising at all. The ending, like in the book, felt a little anticlimatic but it was significantly more bearable.

So, overall, a pretty good adaptation! Reading the book helps someone understand the emotions and reasons behind the characters some more. In this case, I feel like it wouldn’t have mattered if I read the book or the movie first. It would all depend on if I prefer books or movies more. If I like reading more, then I read the book first because I don’t want to get spoiled and vice versa for the movie.

If I were to give this a rating, it’d be somewhere around 3-3.5 stars out of 5 (as a movie adaptation of a book, not necessarily film quality).

First Impressions: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’m about 42% through Gone Girl (according to Goodreads) and so far…. I’m not sure who or what I should be criticizing.

So far we know that Nick and Amy had a completely toxic relationship. Nick had fallen out of love with Amy and had a mistress named Andie. That mistress was 23-years-old. Way younger than he was.

It’s clear that both were expecting too much from each other.

Nick…. his personality reminds me a lot of a miserable man that is this close to breaking. I feel like he’s always wound up and about to explode in a violent fireball of emotion. He can’t seem to get a hold of his own emotions and he doesn’t know exactly what he’s supposed to feel. He’s hiding a lot of important information and doesn’t know what he’s doing 99% of the time. Unreliable narrator alert.

Yet I don’t think that he is the perpetrator of the crime. That would make it entirely too predictable and wouldn’t fit into the “surprise” factor that everybody says this novel has. I think there’s some more stuff that we haven’t learned about the entire situation. We’re meant to go through more of the clues that Amy has left for him. By now we’ve learned why he can’t go through the entire scavenger hunt in one go. It’s because he feels sick reading all of the praise she gives him, especially since he’s cheated on her. I don’t think that he is looking for Amy out of desperation or want, but rather out of obligation or guilt. He feels that as a dutiful husband he should be sadder when obviously, he isn’t. And he also wants to save himself from being blamed. I never feel like his motive is love (well obviously if he’s fallen out of love, it isn’t).

Amy is a wild card. Part of me thinks that she’s staged the situation to happen but at the same time, it’d again, be far too predictable. We’ve learned that she tried to purchase a gun from the neighborhood gang. We know that she’s clingy and craves her husband’s love. Her entire personality screams instability. It makes sense that she’d want to “punish” him and blame her disappearance on him. She keeps blaming her change in personality on Nick. She too, is an unreliable narrator. Most of her diary entries detail how she feels towards her marriage and the rise and fall in their relationship. I think that we’re supposed to slowly learn about the problems they had in their relationship through her perspective. And maybe she’ll slowly go crazy because her personality is already a little…. unstable.

I think that both weren’t exactly sure they wanted from the relationship. Amy seemed to want a fairytale relationship with her husband where everything would be sickeningly sweet. If I’m honest, I thought some of her clues and letters were really really gag-worthy. Not sweet or romantic. Gag-worthy. Nick just wanted a relationship that was relaxed. Kind of like a best-friends type one. With such different goals and expectations, I think that they were destined to fail as a couple.

So as of now… my prediction is as follows.

Possibility #1: Amy is a cray woman that staged her own kidnapping with the help of some random person that we probably don’t know about. She found out about Nick’s mistress and decided to pour her anger and frustrations into her letters to her creepy ex-boyfriend, Desi. Desi jokingly decides to suggest that she stage a disappearance to “punish” Nick. She jumps on the idea without Desi knowing.

Possibility #2: Maybe Nick’s crazy father was involved and fell in love with Amy (in some twisted world because this doesn’t make sense at all) and the two decided to stage her kidnapping and elope off in Las Vegas.

Possibility #3: Amy decided to be dramatic and disappear randomly. She would put the answer to her disappearance in her clues (which Nick is conveniently taking his sweet time with).

Possibility #4: Amy wants to test her husband’s intelligence and how he would respond to her disappearance. So she does this and is spying on him.

It’s really far-fetched. I know. But I have no idea where the story is going at the moment because I really hope that the cliche, predictable, normal, endings aren’t going to happen. So that’s going to be what my prediction is XD

If you’ve read Gone Girl, how close were my predictions? If you are reading it at the moment, what predictions do you have?