2014 Reading in Review: Overview + The Best Books

2014 was the year I increased the amount I read. It was one of my resolutions of 2014 and I can definitely say that I completed it!

(Yes I know this is really late but I tried okay?)

I accomplished my Goodreads goal!

goodreads 2014 reading challenge

Since I was so close to 100 books in 2014, I’m going to set my next goal at 100. I know I could probably set it even higher, but I don’t want to end up having to stress out if I have less time to read.

Honest Fact: I accidentally set a book I had already read as “Currently-Reading” so I technically only read 94 books. I also have this habit of just marking DNF’s as “Read” because I’m of the mindset that I tried to read it; I just failed.

The genre of books I read the most of: Contemporary

The genre of books I read the least of: Horror & Graphic Novels

I like contemporaries but I think I should try to tackle more of the fantasy/paranormal, horror, and historical books I have on my TBR in 2015. I definitely want to look more into graphic novels. Maybe I’ll even try reading comic books! Any recommendations?

Something horrible I realized about what I read this year

I DNF’d 10 books. That’s terrible. In 2015, I want to decrease that number and give every book more of a chance.

New policy: After I decide to DNF, I must give the book at least three more tries before I officially drop it.

I’ve decided that instead of doing a typical “Top-Ten books of 2014”, I’ll just categorize it by genre and some other topics. They’ll be split up into two parts, one with what I considered the best this year, the other with what I refer to as Superlative Awards.

The Best

Best Contemporary: Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta

Jellicoe Road

Everybody, their pet dogs, and their grandmothers saw that coming. But I’m not sorry because Jellicoe Road was amazing.

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Best Thriller: Game – Barry Lyga

Game (Jasper Dent #2)

Second book in the I Hunt Killers trilogy and one of the only good thrillers I’ve read this year. This is a key reason that I need to read more action and adventure novels. So I don’t end up recommending the same three books all year.

Best Retelling: The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil, #1)

It’s not really a “retelling” but it has a lot of lovely fairytale and fantasy themes. I enjoyed this book a lot even if it was a middle grade novel. I’m well aware that this book only got 3 stars but it’s much better than other things I’ve read in the last year.

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Best Setting: The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus

Although I didn’t love this book, I couldn’t deny how well the setting was established. I could taste the popcorn in the air when I read it.

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Best Plot-Twist: Complicit – Stephanie Kuehn


This is a complete mindfuck of a book. It’s really slow in the beginning but the ending is worth it.

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Best Characters: To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird

Love the characters and this had amazing character development.

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