The Monstrumologist Movie

Should The Monstrumologist Be Made Into a Movie?

The Monstrumologist

Should It Be Made Into a Movie?

I don’t know if they are making this book into a movie but they make a lot books into a movie at some point. The movie rights are snapped up but then nobody ever makes it. In this case, the movie rights have been taken by Warner Bros but I’m not sure the movie will be made anytime soon.

So now I’m wondering, should The Monstrumologist be made into a movie or not?

It would be a different type of film than half of the movies made targeted at the teenage/young adult demographic. It’s set in the past, while most released movies are set in the present or future. It’s a paranormal/horror genre. I think it could be a pretty interesting movie if it was adapted.

But then there are some other issues.

For one, the book explores the relationship between an eccentric doctor and a 12-year-old boy. I highly doubt that any teenager would want to watch a movie where the main character is a 12-year-old boy. Most people only watch these movies to ogle the hot guys. Key case in question, the fact that I’ve HEARD my friends say that they only watched The Mazerunner to stare at hot, shirtless guys. Not a bad reason to watch the movie but it supports the argument that even if this movie was made, that is one less incentive for watching it.

Secondly, the book has a lot of action, but more of it is focused on the down parts. That is, the past of Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry. It’s interesting for the readers, but I don’t know if it would be possible to cram all of the background information into a two-hour long film and also be able to sufficiently portray the battles of the Anthropophagi. Taking out all of these parts would only warp the personalities of the characters.

It’s too juvenile for the adults, too gory for young children, and not relatable enough for teenagers. I hope that even with these technicalities, that the movie will be successful. Besides, Yancey’s book, The 5th Wave, is already in the works to become a movie that’s coming out in 2016. I can just wait for that movie to tide me over until The Monstrumologist comes out.

Here is an article that talk about the movie.

Let’s be honest though. Books are better than the movies 99.9999999% of the time.