To prevent me from being arrested, I’m making this page to credit the sources for all the graphics, fonts, and pictures that I used when playing around on Photoshop to create my blog headers and pictures.

My first blog header, as shown below, was created by one of my friends. Her screen name is Miu and her deviantart can be accessed here. I have no clue what fonts and pictures she used, so I apologize for not knowing where those came from.

cropped-blog-header-1.pngMy newer blog header was created by myself. It took too long for me to figure out how to use Photoshop to make it but now that I know, hopefully it’ll come along more smoothly in the future.

cropped-blog-header-vers2.jpgI got the photo of the books in the background from

I got the two dancers from The font used was found on a free font website (specifically, The fonts used were MovusBrushPen and KG Manhattan Script. I also used the Smoke & Clouds brush set from deviantart artist Wen-JR.

For the rest of the headers I’ve made, fonts may vary but they are always from the aforementioned site. The other graphics are similarly from freepik and various free stock photo sites.

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