Making this Blog

Making this Blog

So I’ve decided to make my first post that’s not about books (because why not?).

Yesterday, I finally caved and decided to make a blog, even though I probably should have been doing homework and studying for the quizzes I have. But procrastination > work. I thought of this name pretty easily compared to how long I usually take on figuring out titles. Usually I take way too much time thinking of a title and end up with something that sounds dumb when I look back on it.

WordPress is so confusing. I spent two hours frowning at the screen, picking a theme, customizing it, and figuring out how to use the stupid thing. In the middle of my lovely struggle, I decided to try out Blogger. Blogger was even more confusing (I know nothing about coding) and so I switched back over to WordPress. Maybe I’ll try out Blogger when I learn how to code (which will be a long, long time away). Since I’m cheap and my parents most certainly are not interested in paying for a prettier blog, I used this template thingy and picked some pretty generic colors. I was hoping that I could add some maroon or burgundy in (those are my favorite colors) but alas, I could not. I took a break in the middle and went downstairs to eat some watermelon whilst also complaining to my mother about how much I suck at using WordPress. She called me an idiot and asked me why I didn’t use something that I could code. I said that I couldn’t code. She rolled her eyes and continued to eat watermelon. Then my brother and I had a peach-peeling contest. I had a headstart but he still won. I stand by my claim that my peach was bigger, not as juicy, and therefore, the skin was harder to peel

After I finished eating, I went back upstairs to struggle with this blog. I didn’t know how to make an unclickable page. Took me a good thirty minutes to figure out. If anybody can tell, I’m about as tech savvy as a colonist from the 1600s. After I finally got the blog to look like a blog, which took me more time than I care to admit, I started to put up some of the reviews I’d written. I think I revised my Anna and the French Kiss post a total of 14? 16? times. I don’t even know. I just know that I probably shouldn’t have pressed publish when I wasn’t done with it XD I would link my Goodreads account, but some of my earlier reviews are so bad that they’re scary. I pretty much picked and chose the ones that weren’t nearly as bad and were long enough to warrant a post. Posting these reviews took long enough because I kept fiddling with the look of them. I gave up on making something with two columns and just put everything down so it wouldn’t have awkward spacing. Repeated that with a few other reviews and decided to go to sleep.

Hopefully, WordPress gets easier to use over time.

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