Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their Own Book

Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their

Own Book



Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday, participating book bloggers blog about their top ten lists.


There have been a number of times where I’ve liked the side characters more than the main characters so this post is dedicated to them!

Okay I was going to try to limit my additions from the books I’ve mentioned on this blog x number of times but it’s just not going to work.

1. Theta from The Diviners

As much as I loved Evie, I have to say that my favorite character was Theta. I loved learning about her backstory (in the few chapters that were about her) but I’d really really want a book that was all about her life and her POV.

2. Kolby from Torn Away

I know that I said that I liked how this book focused more on the tragedy than romance but now that Jersey has, for the most part, resolved her problems, I’d like to either see Kolby and her together (because they are adorbs) or read about what Kolby did during the aftermath of the tornado. Yes I know it might be boring because he already has relatives to stay with but I loved his character.

3. Arin from The Winner’s Curse

Okay I didn’t love this book as much as I thought I would but I can see that changing when I read the second novel. I found this one a little short, especially with all of the different events that happened in the novel. But the book did refer to Arin’s past before he was enslaved and I would really enjoy reading a full-length novel all about how he felt during it (not in terms of him telling Kestrel about his past).

4. Rocket from Savvy

This is all a tribute to my younger self. This is probably the first clear time I remember wanting to read about Rocket, his emotions, and how his relationship with Bobbi failed. I mean, being unable to scumble a savvy has got to be something really painful.

5. Jonah or Raffy or Ben or anybody from On the Jellicoe Road

Yeah so I love all the characters from this book so to be honest, any book from their POV would be great.

Thank god Thomas from Saving Francesca has his own novel.

6. Magnus from Illusive

I was really intrigued by the history behind Kit and Magnus’s relationship. If I do recall, I think I remember saying that I shipped them together hard in my review. I’m honestly doubtful that we’ll learn much about their relationship (because Kit is a secretive person and Ciere is the main character) but I would love reading about Magnus’s life as an on-the-run superhero.

7. Howie from I Hunt Killers

Annnnnd we have another appearance from a book I am obsessed with. Lyga did release a short prequel on his blog called Blood Boy from Howie’s POV but I want moarrrr. But I really want a book narrated with Howie’s sarcastic, dry humor. He was, without a doubt, my favorite character from that book.

8. Metias from Legend

I was thinking through all of the amazing books I read and I was like “omigod I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one”. Uh can I just say that I love love loved Legend and would love to read a prequel book of some sort from Metias’s point of view. He is a super sweet older brother and his backstory was really sad. I’d love to read a book about how he encoded his notes and did his underground work before June ever knew about it.

9. Henry or Lucy from Second Chance Summer

I did say that I hated how anti-climatic the climax of this novel was. I did say that I thought it was illogical for the entire conflict to be based on such a small issue. However, a short story of Henry or Lucy’s POV after Taylor flees the summer house would be something I’d read because I was dying to figure out the feelings and events that had happened that summer and the ones following it.

10. Haymitch from The Hunger Games

Okay this one is purely because I read a really really good fanfiction based entirely around Haymitch and his own Hunger Games. It was suggested that since he wasn’t likely to have won his with brute strength, he used intelligence and smarts. Actually, she can just do that for all of the other characters in this series. I’d love to hear about how each individual won their own Games.

Just an idea for you Suzanne Collins 😉

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