#TBTB Secret Santa!!!

#TBTB Secret Santa!

Over at The Broke and Bookish, they are doing a Secret Santa for any book lover that wants to join. Today was the deadline to enter and I was in turmoil on whether to join or not. In the end, I did, although I worried over if I sounded kind of bratty and annoying on my entry.

Some of the reasons I wanted to join were pretty simple if I do say so myself. I want to communicate with other bloggers. I want to receive book recommendations. I want to get feedback on my reviews, blog, and hopefully, make more acquaintances. I also think it’d be fun to put together some type of parcel for the other person.

The History of Kelly and Secret Santa Gifts

– When I was in second grade, I gave somebody one of the worst cards I’ve ever made. I wasn’t artsy back then and I’m definitely am not artsy now. I had this delusional idea that if I disguised my handwriting, the kid wouldn’t be able to tell. To be honest, he wouldn’t be able to tell either way because I never sat next to him.

End result: Really ugly semi-colored, messily-made, white-paper card with some really terrible handwriting. I should have bought one.

– Funfact: I used to figure skate. One of the coaches there hosted this Secret Santa thing with all of the skaters. I had a similar situation. As a young, elementary school kid, I was paired up with some teenager named Megan(?). I again, had no clue what to get her because I wasn’t exactly the most social person at the rink. So thank god my mother had some notion of good gifts because she got her lipstick and that was that.

Anyways, I just received my email with the person that I am to gift. She loves romance books and chocolate. She’s also from a well-established blog and writes for numerous ones that I’ve read. I’m kind of surprised that I got a really popular blogger and it kind of worries me because I HAVE NO CLUE IF SHE OWNS SOMETHING OR NOT.

(Well she has a wishlist/books I own list but my paranoid side is like WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T UPDATE IT????)

There’s also the fact that I’m a high school freshman and she’s a college freshman and I’m just kind of worried that my gift isn’t going to be that good.

Anyways, I’ll be blogging about the process of buying presents and packaging stuff. It’ll be fun!

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