The Scorpio Races: Romance Fangirling

I admit that I didn’t really ship this. I didn’t. I mentioned earlier in my review that I didn’t really believe all of their romantic interactions. Their chemistry wasn’t as fierce as a lot of couples at all (I actually thought they lacked it). I thought they were a little awkward.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think they were cute. I fangirled so much over some of the sentences in the book that it’s embarrassing.

As the book continues, Puck and Sean get closer. They become allies and train together on the beach. They begin to open up to each other and reveal why they are racing. There are some really really cute lines in the book.

“I say, ‘I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.’

Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, ‘It’s late for that, Puck'” (Stiefvater 337)

*Collective fangirl screams in the background*

Sehun Screaming

How I’d be screaming if I was in public or at home trying to be quiet without too much flailing

Is that not the cutest thing ever?

Okay let’s back up earlier in the book.

One of the first conversations they have is about Puck buying a capaill uisce off of Sean. During the encounter, Corr tries to impress Dove (*heart explodes because OMIGOD THEIR HORSES ARE SHIPPABLE TOO*) and the two race. Sean observes how familiar Puck is with Dove due to their relaxed actions. From here, Puck wins because Sean gets thrown off of the capaille uisce. And then Sean returns to the stables with a rare smile.

After this they have that kind of lull in interaction but they think about each other a lot. Like stare at each other, think about the other person, wonder why the heck they are thinking about that person, a lot. Sean vouches for Puck so she can enter the race. At this point, they haven’t begun to develop into a romance. It’s more of a mutual respect. Some other action builds up in the background and they continue to think about each other. They have the occasional amiable conversation about horses and racing and then THIS PART HAPPENS.

“Sean pushes up to his feet and stands there. I look at his dirty boots. Now I’ve offended him, I think. He says, ‘Other people have never been important to me, Kate Connolly. Puck Connolly’

I tip my face up to look at him, finally. The blanket falls off my shoulders, and my hat, too, loosened by the wind. I can’t read his expression – his narrow eyes make it difficult. I say, ‘And now?’

Kendrick reaches to turn up the collar on his jacket. He doesn’t smile, but he’s not close to frowning as usual. ‘Thanks for the cake.'” (Stiefvater 213)

What does that mean, Sean? Do you now consider Puck important? *wiggles eyebrows immaturely*

gdragon me gusta

Okay then more really cute stuff happens but I don’t really wanna spoil all of the joy of seeing the cute moments play out. There’s one really cute line that Puck says that is my absolute favorite because it simultaneously shows how she acknowledges their relationship and hopes that it’ll improve.

So although I did say that the couple didn’t have a lot of chemistry, to me, appreciating a romance doesn’t have to have it. Of course, that’s most preferable and what ends up making the list of my OTPs in the long run but in any random book, if there are really cute lines and descriptions, the couple will take my heart and fly away with it.

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